Incredible Hulk Action Figure

Marvel Comics Incredible Hulk Action Figure

Brut strength, over-powering enimies is what the Incredible Hulk is all about.

This is a Marvel Comics classic, the Incredible Hulk an action figure that is a must for you serious collectors, also a must for you serious superhero fans that just want to re-enact and play with a really awsome toy.

Hand sculpted with so much care and detail, the Marvel Comics Incredible Hulk action figure stands approximately 10 inches and has 14 different articulation points.

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Thing Action Figure

Marvel Comics Thing Action Figure

Marvel comics have a series of absolutly awsome characters, and Thing is one of them. A member of the Fantastic Four he is the raw power of the group.

This is an action figure of Thing, beautifully sculpted it is so finely detailed and very realistic that it would be a great addition to a collection of Marvel Heroes. Thing stands approximately 8 inches tall and features 14 different points of articulation.

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buy Hulk Face Koozie

Hulk Face Koozie

Hulk Face Koozie

The Incredible Hulk, a green mass of strength and agility, an awsome Marvel Comics superhero!

This is a koozie that features the face of Incredible Hulk, with great detail it is sure to grab the attention and protect you drink of choice from getting warm.

Made from foam this Hulk face koozie will fit most 12oz bittles or cans.

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Thing Clobberin’ Time T-shirt

Marvel Comics Thing Clobberin' Time T-shirt

Thing! A Marvel superhero who can crush brick walls with a single punch, flip cars and buses at ease it is no wonder he is part of the Fantastic Four and this catch phrase “It’s Clobberin’ Time” fits him so well.

This t-shirt features the catch phrase “It’s Clobberin’ Time” and an awsome detailed image of Thing taking a powerful stride that will rock your world. The Thing t-shirt is very durable and is a great shirt to throw on for any occasion.

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Hulk VS Thing T-Shirt

Marvel Hulk VS Thing T-Shirt

Marvel heroes collide!

This is a Marvel Comics t-shirt featuring two awsome superheroes Incredible Hulk and Thing. With amazing detail this t-shirt looks like it is an piece of a comic book with an action packed image of Hulk punching Thing and sending him flying.

The Hulk vs Thing t-shirt is made from 100% cotton and is in sizes Small, Medium or Large.

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buy Spider-Man Tin Sign

Spider-Man Tin Sign

Spider-Man metal sign

Yes, I think we can all agree that Spider-man is definetly amazing.

This is a Marvel Comics Spider-man tin sign that is a bit of a tribute to the original Spider-man, with the retro looking tin sign. The sign has “The Amazing Spider-man” printed near the top right corner and taking center stage is the high flying Spider-man using a cast of web to climb his great heights, and the bottom left has the maker of Spider-man “Marvel Comics”.

The Spider-man tin sign has a retro look to it and measures  41cm x 30cm, perfect for that spot on the wall just waiting for something awsome enough to fill it.

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buy Thor Vintage T-Shirt

Thor Vintage T-Shirt

Thor Core

The Mighty Thor!!!

Marvel Comics has many awsome super heroes and if Thor is your favorite then you need to check out this Thor vintage t-shirt. Thor is on the front standing tall and powerful, not ready to back down from anything, and underneath him is a cool yellow square with “Marvel Comics Group” written inside it.

The Thor t-shirt is durable pre-shrunk 6oz cotton and the artwork is screen printed, this shirt is machine washable and comes in many sizes from kids to adult.

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buy Captain America Pop! Vinyl Bobblehead

Captain America Pop! Vinyl Bobblehead

Marvel Captain America Pop! Vinyl Bobble Head

Put a cool new twist on your favorite Marvel Superhero Captain America with this Captain America Pop! vinyl bobblehead.

This Captain America is dressed in his classic red, white and blue and is armed with his signature sheild and the fun twist is he has an oversized bobblehead. The Captain America Pop! vinyl bobblehead is made from vinyl and stands approximtely 3 3/4-inches tall.

Collectors this is a must have for your Marvel Superhero collection with amazing fine detail and an awsome showcase window box it will look great in your collection.

Get your Marvel Captain America Pop! Vinyl Bobblehead.