buy Incredible Hulk Patch

Incredible Hulk Patch

Marvel Incredible Hulk die cut patch

Do you have some riped clothes?

If so then let me tell you the Hulk does to and he makes them look better by puttin an Incredible Hulk patch on it.

This Hulk patch can be ironed on or sewed if you prefer and will make you clothes look amazing.

The patch spells out the word “Hulk” and even has him on it. And the patch is die cut so there is empty spaces in between some part like the L and the K.

This patch can make any piece of clothing or backpack in to a real Hulk item.

Start decorating with this Hulk Patch.

buy Thor Hammer Earrings

Thor Hammer Earrings

So your friends where plugs in their ears making those big giant holes in their ears and you don’t really want that but like the look.

Now you can get these Thor earrings that look like plugs on the outside but are really just normal earrings.

These Thor earrings have round caps on both sides so that it looks like they are plugs.

On the caps you see the famous hammer that Thor uses.

And these Thor Hammer earrings are made from quality surgical steel so that they are safe for your ears and last for a long long time.

Get your Thor Hammer Earrings

Captain America Can Koozie

Captain America can holder

One this this can holder is good at and that is keeping your hands warm and the drink cool at the same time.

One things about this can koozie is fun and that is the cartoon on it and the colorful print of Captain America with his famous shield.

This Marvel koozie does the trick and makes you drink look better.

Captain America fans come get your own Captain America Can Koozie.

buy Black Widow Marvel Select  Action Figure

Black Widow Marvel Select Action Figure

Black Widow, an awsome Marvel superhero starring in many comics and Marvel films, also a part of the cool Avengers team.

This is an action figure that is amazingly detailed featuring the vibrant violet full body suit and facial features that are a sight to see. The Black Widow action figure also comes with an Ant Man figure, also part of the Avengers and a detailed base of rubble.

Black Widow stands 6 3/4 inches tall and has 11 points of articulation, Ant Man stands 1 1/4 inches, which is perfectly proportional to the rest of the cool Avengers Marvel select action figures.

A Marvel select action figure that is a must have for any Marvel Comics fan, add to your collection or for play.

Get your Black Widow Marvel Select Exclusive Action Figure.

buy Captain America Boardshorts

Captain America Boardshorts

What would a superhero wear when he goes swimming?

Simple he wears Captain America board shorts.

These shorts have the famouse shield of Captain America on it and some nice red strips. And the fun thing is that they are also on the back.

You can get this Captain America swimsuit in waist sizes 32 to 40.

Get your Captain America Boardshorts

Black Widow Lifesized Standup

Need a life sized Superhero to protect you?

This is Black Widow a classic Marvel Superhero featuring a sleek outfit to help with her stealth like moves and speed. A lifesized standup cutout based after Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow in the awsome Marvel movie The Avengers.

With amazing details and lifelike features and size this is a great addition to your Marvel Comics collection, measures approximately 67″ x 40″.

See more about the Black Widow Marvel Lifesized Standup.

buy Marvel Avengers Tin Lunch Box

Marvel Avengers Tin Lunch Box

Marvel Heroes unite on the big movie screen and create The Avengers!

This is a lunch box that has amazing artwork of these awsome Marvel comics superheroes based after the Movie The Avengers, you can find Hulk, Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, Hawkeye and Black Widow on the front of this lunch box. Also you find the official Avengers logo in many different spots along with some great background detail.

Measures 9-inches wide x 7 1/2-inches tall x 3 1/2-inches long and made from tin you will find a durable collapsible plastic handle on the top and a sturdy metal closure latch to keep your lunch or snacks safe, or keep your cool Marvel stuff inside.

Get your Marvel Avengers Tin Lunch Box

buy Spider-Man Can Koozie

Spider-Man Can Koozie

Do you like you drinks nice and cold but don’t like the cold hands that are part of that?

Now you can keep you hands warm and your can’s cold with this Spider-Man can kookie.

This koozie shows Spider-Man cartoon slides and a big Spider-Man on top of that jumping in to action while you are enjoying your drink.

Get your Spider-Man Can Koozie