buy Sherlock Holmes Laptop Decal

Sherlock Holmes Laptop Decal

Now you can carry around Sherlock Holmes where ever you go.

This is die cut decal of Benedict Cumberbatch in his role as Sherlock. The decal is about 6 inch tall and would look amazing on almost anything from laptops to fridges. And to make it even better the Sherlock Holmes decal comes in many colors that you can choose from to make it fit perfectly. Just imagine a white Sherlock decal on a black journal for instance.

You have so many options with this sticker of Sherlock that you can even get a bunch of them to make everything Sherlock Holmes merchandise.

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buy Sherlock High Functioning Sociopath T-Shirt

Sherlock High Functioning Sociopath T-Shirt

Women's Sherlock High Functioning Sociopath T-Shirt

Sherlock Holmes maybe an amazing detective but he is a little bit weird to say the least.

If you are a fan of Sherlock then this t-shirt could be perfect for you.

The black women’s t-shirt shows a grey silhouette of Sherlock and below him the text “High Functioning Sociopath” just like we like him. And yes this could be something Watson said.

This Sherlock Holmes t-shirt is available in women’s junior fit sizes Small – 2XL and it is an officially licensed product.

So if you want sociopath on your t-shirt then this could be the one. Come take a closer look at this Sherlock High Functioning Sociopath T-Shirt.

buy Sherlock Baker Street 221B Door Sticker

Sherlock Baker Street 221B Door Sticker

Sherlock Baker Street 221B Door Sticker

Who lives at Baker Street 221B in London?

Yes Sherlock Holmes does and now your door can look like his as this door sticker will transform almost any door into the door of Sherlock.

The default size of this door sticker / poster is 30 x 80 inch but the sticker can be customized for your needs so that it fits perfectly on your door.

Just imagine having a bedroom door that looks like you going into the home of Sherlock Holmes. I wonder if Watson has a sticker like this on his bedroom door just to remind him of Sherlock.

All the details you expect are there from the door knocker to the mailbox alls look great just like the real door and it can be yours.

Don’t wait by making your door super cool, just come get your now Sherlock Holmes Baker Street 221B Door Poster.

buy Sherlock Holmes Action Figure

Sherlock Holmes Action Figure

The famous detective Sherlock Holmes makes sure every detail is exact and looked at, this action figure is no different with high quality fabrication down to the last detail even Sherlock himself will be proud to add this to a collection.

This action figure features Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes from the television series Sherlock, find him dressed up in his long jacket and scarf with black pants and shoes. Also included with this action fugure is different sets of hands, violin, skull and more of his signature accessories.

Standing 12 inches tall with a base included this Shelock Holmes is officially licensed and is done at a 1:6 Scale with real cloth clothing.

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buy Sherlock 221B Baker Street T-Shirt

Sherlock 221B Baker Street T-Shirt

Sherlock 221B Baker Street T-Shirt

Do you know where 221B stands for?

It’s the house number of a famous address. Yes it’s the number of the home of Sherlock Holmes.
221B Baker Street in London is where the iconic character Shelock Holmes lived in the books, movies and TV series.

And now you can have a t-shirt that has that house number on it but just in a way like numbers are nailed to a building. The signs even have little holes in them.

And this Sherlock t-shirt comes in a wide selection of colors and is available in sizes Small – 3XL in a men and women’s version.

Get ready to find Baker Street and then show them you t-shirt.
Sherlock Holmes fans come and get your Sherlock 221B Baker Street T-Shirt.