Avatar AMP Suit Action Figure

Avatar AMP Suit Figure

Iron Lady, The Mitsubishi MK-6 Amplified Mobility Platform (or “AMP” suit) from James Cameron’s awsome movie Avatar is a distant descendant of the first  military exoskeletons used on Earth in the mid 21st century.

Now it is time for you to have one….for your Avatar figures that is.

This AMP suit has so much fine detail it looks awsome,  many many points of articulation and featuring a huge missle launcher, this suit works with most 3 3/4-inch Avatar figures, The Iron Lady is so nice you will want to just add it to a cool action figure collection.

Get your Avatar AMP Suit Action Figure.

buy Dora The Explorer Plush

Dora The Explorer Plush

Dora The Explorer Ty Beanie Babies 8" Plush

Everybody loves the animated television star Dora the Explorer, now you can have your very own Dora to go with you on your adventures.

This Dora the Explorer is made from a super soft plush material and is 8 inches in height,  this is an official Ty Beanie Babies Dora so you know it is the quality we all expect and you will notice the incredible detail and a softness uncomparable to most.

Find your Dora The Explorer Ty Beanie Babies 8″ Plush.

Spock And Lt. Uhura Mr Potato Head Set

Star Trek Spock And Lt. Uhura Mr Potato Heads

Mr. and Mrs. Potato head need each other just like Spock and Lt. Uhura.

Star Trek fans will need to add this cool set of Mr. potato head Spock and Uhura to their collection. This set features Spock and his love interest Lt. Uhura with all the accessories that make them Mr. Potato head Trekkies. Some examples would be Spock’s ears and his trademark Vulcan “V” shaped hand and Lt. Uhura’s hair and red shirt.

All the components are still mix and match and are compatable with other Star Trek Mr. Potato head sets, it also comes in window box packaging for the serious collector wanting to keep these sealed up but on display.

Get your Star Trek Spock And Lt. Uhura Mr. Potato Head set.

Three Stooges Mr Potato Head Set

Three Stooges Mr Potato Head Set

As if the Three Stooges are not funny enough, check this ridiculously awsome set of Mr. Potato Head Three Stooges.

This Mr. Potato Head set features the Three Stooges Larry, Curly and Moe each come with a variety of accessories that could only make them the Three Stooges like there hair. This is a great collectors set or a great way to play around with the Three Stooges, ever wonder what Curly would look like with Larry’s hair…well now you can find out.

Get your Three Stooges Mr Potato Head Set.

Disney Princess Total Fairy Tale Castle

Disney Princess Total Fairy Tale Castle

A Disney Princess must have item!!!

This truely is one of the most magical Disney Princess castles you will find, it will be the most memorable Disney castle in your collection or play set.

The Disney Princess total fairy tale castle is so unique, it features 50 different play pieces that will let you create any magical fairy tale moment. So.. this dream castle has 7 different Princess play areas, Tiana’s Kitchen, Belle’s Dining room, Jasmine’s Magic carpet elevator, Ariel’s Under the Sea Bathroom, Snow White’s Vanity room, Sleeping Beauty’s bedroom and Cinderella’s enchanting staircase.

With amazing attention to detail the Disney Princess total fairy tale castle is huge, it measures approximately 30″ (L) x 7.5″ (W) x 32″ (H)

Look for your Disney Princess Total Fairy Tale Castle.

iCarly Sam Special Edition Doll

iCarly Sam Special Edition Doll

Samantha “Sam” Pucket from the awsome television series iCarly is here with a cool outfits she is the perfect sidekick for iCarly.

This is a special Sam doll, titled “iQuit, iCarly”. This doll stands 11 inches tall and comes with two stylish outfits, the second outfit also has a cool wig to go with it. Also if you have the  iCarly Nintando Wii and DS Game there is a bonus code inside that unlocks a special item.

Find your iCarly Sam Special Edition Doll.

iCarly Special Edition Doll

iCarly Special Edition Doll

The hit Nickelodeon television series iCarly has a cool episode where the fight is on, a boxing fight between iCarly and Shelby Marx.

This is a real special edition doll of iCarly titled iFight Shelby Marx, included is a very well detailed doll of iCarly in some cool and casual wear and you will also find an entire boxing outfit for the iCarly doll, boxing gloves, boxing robe, shorts and tank top.

Find your iCarly Special Edition Doll.

Incredible Hulk Action Figure

Marvel Comics Incredible Hulk Action Figure

Brut strength, over-powering enimies is what the Incredible Hulk is all about.

This is a Marvel Comics classic, the Incredible Hulk an action figure that is a must for you serious collectors, also a must for you serious superhero fans that just want to re-enact and play with a really awsome toy.

Hand sculpted with so much care and detail, the Marvel Comics Incredible Hulk action figure stands approximately 10 inches and has 14 different articulation points.

Get your Marvel Comics Incredible Hulk Action Figure.

buy Soft Kitty Singing Plush

Soft Kitty Singing Plush

The Big Bang Theory Soft Kitty Singing Plush

Soft Kitty, From the awsome and cool hit comedy television show The Big Bang Theory this is a comforting song that Penny sings to Shedlon when he makes her. This is a super soft and cuddly Soft Kitty that sings the song that Penny sings…..Oh Yahh, it’s not just the song, the really cool feature of this singing plush Soft Kitty is it is actually Penny’s voice singing the song. Measures about 10 inches long.

Soft Kitty Lyrics:

Soft kitty, warm kitty
Little ball of fur
Happy kitty, sleepy kitty
Purr purr purr

I am sure that Sheldon orderd this kitty as he know Penny will not be always there to sing it to him in person.

You have to check out the video showing the  Soft Kitty Singing Plush.

Thing Action Figure

Marvel Comics Thing Action Figure

Marvel comics have a series of absolutly awsome characters, and Thing is one of them. A member of the Fantastic Four he is the raw power of the group.

This is an action figure of Thing, beautifully sculpted it is so finely detailed and very realistic that it would be a great addition to a collection of Marvel Heroes. Thing stands approximately 8 inches tall and features 14 different points of articulation.

Get your Marvel Comics Thing Action Figure.