buy 2019 Funko Pop! Harry Potter Advent Calendar

2019 Funko Pop! Harry Potter Advent Calendar

The count down for Christmas will be extra fun all thanks to this 2019 Funko Pop! Harry Potter Advent Calendar.

This is just like a normal advent calendar that counts down from December 1st al the way until Christmas and each day you open a pocket and inside the pockets you will find a Harry Potter figurine.

You can expect Harry, Ron, and Hermione but there will be many more which really makes it fun to open a new pocket each day.

The figurines you will find inside it are vinyl pocket Pop! figurines so not the big size Pop! vinyl figurines but you do get 24 figures.

If you are or know a true Harry Potter fan that is ready for Christmas then you just need this Harry Potter advent calendar.

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buy LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar 2017

LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar 2017

If you want a fun advent calendar and like to build things then you should check out this LEGO Star Wars advent calendar 2017.

The Advent Calendar has LEGO build number 75184 and has 24 pockets of which you can open one a day until Christmas and each day will bring you a new Star Wars LEGO piece. And that could be the Millenium Falcon but each day will bring something else and that makes this just fun for both kids and adults that love LEGO and Star Wars.

If you wondered how BB-8 would look on a snowboard then you need this Star Wars advent calendar because he is part of the LEGO set.

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buy PAW Patrol Advent Calendar

PAW Patrol Advent Calendar

Advent calendar are fun for kids and adults and now there is an PAW Patrol advent calendar that is just what kids will like.

Inside the advent calendar you can find many figures to play with and it does include Shase, Skye, Rubble and more and there are Christmas things in there to like a Christmas tree and even a snowman.

It’s just a fun calendar that will make a little PAW Patrol fan happy as they will get 24 new toys that are all related to PAW Patrol so great to play with even after the holiday.

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