buy Frankenweenie Sparky Pet Costume

Frankenweenie Sparky Pet Costume

Frankenweenie - Sparky Pet Costume

Dress your dog up for halloween as Sparky the dog from the Disney / Tim Burton  animated movie Frankenweenie.

This costume has many of the fun and spooky details that Sparky has, find the weird cluster of black dots on the back and the fun pointy black ears aswell as some stitches along the body.

Available in dog sizes Small to X-Large, sizing for your pet is easy the costumes are measured from neck to base of the tail and around the chest, they are a one piece outfit that fits over the front legs and chest of your pet.

Spook up your pet with Frankenweenie – Sparky Pet Costume.

buy Darth Vader Dog Costume

Darth Vader Dog Costume

Is your dog just as big of a Star Wars fan as you?

If so then the dog will love this costume of Darth Vader.

Dress you dog up like Darth Vader and all his friends will stare in amazement.

You can get this Darth Vader costume in a range of sizes that almost fit any dog.

The Star Wars Darth Vader dog costume includes a head piece, jumpsuit, arms, cap and a belt.

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buy Batman Dog Costume

Batman Dog Costume

This furry Batman is ready for action.

Dress your dog up for Halloween or just to play dress up with the kids.

Now your dog can become Batman. This Batman costume comes in a range of dog sizes so that it will fit your furry friend the right way.

The Batman costume kit includes a cape, chest piece, headpiece and belt.

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buy Spider-Man Dog Costume

Spider-Man Dog Costume

If you kid likes to play dress up then what about the dog?

Now you dog can become a superhero to. Just dress your dog up in this Spider-Man costume and he will look amazing.

The Spider-Man costume comes with a body suit that covers the front legs and a head piece.
Of course not every dog is the same size so that is why they have a whole range of costume sizes to fit your dog perfectly.

It doesn’t matter if your dog wears it’s costume everyday or just for halloween it will look like a real Spider-Man dog.

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buy Dog Superman Costume

Dog Superman Costume

Superman Dog Costume

You dog wants to be a superhero to and now you can dress him up as Superman.

This Superman costume comes in a wide range of sizes so that the smallest and largest dog fit in them. But make sure you  order the right size and keep in mind if you dog has a lot of hair it probably need a bigger Superman costume.

As you can see on the picture this costume fits over the front legs and connect with velcro around their neck. And this already makes you dog look like superman with the red Superman Logo and it even has little arms.

But to make you dog look like Superman even more they include a red cape.

I don’t think i would dress my dog up (if i had a dog) as Superman but i have to admit it looks pretty fun.

Come check out all the other pictures and information of this Superman Dog Costume.

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