buy Garfield Java Joint Mug

Garfield Java Joint Mug

Garfield java joint mug

Are you one of those people who can’t live without a nice cup of coffee in the morning?

If you are one of those coffee addicts then maybe have a closer look at this cool coffee mug.

Garfield like you can’t live without there coffee so get this mug and make a clear message to other that they can’t fool with you till you got your cup of coffee.

Order you Garfield Java Joint Mug.

buy Garfield Squares Water Bottle

Garfield Squares Water Bottle

garfield waterbottle from SIG

SIG makes great water bottles and these days when you can’t really take a plastic bottle any more what is nicer then a nice water bottle with something cool on it.

This 1 liter water bottle has Garfield on it all in squares and all those squares make it a great looking bottle that is so much fun that everyone wants one I am sure about that. You can see Garfield do all kind of crazy things on this bottle.

Have a closer look at the Garfield Squares Water Bottle.