buy Gremlins Gizmo Wallet

Gremlins Gizmo Wallet

Gizmo is such a fun little creature and that is what you see on this wallet.

Not only is he fun he is also really soft and cudly and even that you will get with this wallet as it is made of faux fur.

But remember don’t feed Gizmo after midnight so don’t put any money in your wallet that late at night. Don’t get him wet because money doesn’t like to be wet and keep Gizmo out of direct sunlight because you don’t want you money to change color.

If you keep to these rules you will be sure that your money and Gizmo are safe.

The wallet shows Gizmo’s face on the front and is the same color brown on ┬áthe back.

On the inside of thi Gremlins clutch wallet your find lots of space for cards and paper money and there is a compartment with zipper for all your coins.

Now will be a good time to ad Gizmo to your collection.

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buy Gremlins Gizmo Christmas Ornament

Gremlins Gizmo Christmas Ornament

Gremlins Christmas Ornament of Gizmo

There we have the super cute Gizmo from the Gremlins movies.

Now Gizmo is a little Christmas ornament made by Hallmark.

And this time Gizmo is wearing a Christmas hat to. But remember Don’t get him wet, No direct sunlight and no feeding after midnight.

This little Gremlin would love the be part of you Christmas traditions so please come and fetch one for your tree.

Don’t wait and order a Gizmo Christmas Ornament.

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buy Gizmo Bobblehead

Gizmo Bobblehead

Gremlins Bobblehead made by neca and showing Gizmo

A bobblehead of Gizmo why did we have to wait so long?

A well NECA made us this hand painted bobblehead of our favorite Gremlin Gizmo.

This bobblehead is 8 inches tall and is made of a heavy ceramic type resin that will last it’s lifetime.

But before you get Gizmo you need to remember these 3 simple rules:

  • Don’t expose Gizmo to bright light (especially sunlight) it will kill Gizmo
  • Never ever get Gizmo wet
  • Never feed Gizmo after midnight

if you keep to those simple rules no bad things will happen and you will be ready to get your own Gremlin.

Go get your pet Gremlin go get your own Gizmo Bobblehead.

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buy Gizmo Athletic T-Shirt

Gizmo Athletic T-Shirt

Everyone who watched Gremlins loved Gizmo or at least the nice version of Gizmo.

And now you can get this grey shirt with a friendly Gizmo printed on it.

You can get this Gremlins t-shirt in sizes Small – 2XL and it is unisex so that it will look great on both men and women that love the classic Gremlins movies.

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