buy Doc McStuffins Lambie Napkins

Doc McStuffins Lambie Napkins

Doc McStuffins Lambie Napkins

A Doc McStuffins party would be no fun if Lambie would not be there.

And of course we know that Lambie is soft and loves to cuddle so what better then napkins with Lambie from Doc McStuffins on it.

These pink Doc McStuffins napkins comes in a pack of 16 and love to be cuddled by dirty fingers.

A kids birthday party Doc McStuffins style will be a hit if you have these fun Lambie paper napkins.

Doc McStuffins would be so happy to be party of your birthday party so lets start by getting these fun Doc McStuffins Lambie Napkins.

buy Doc McStuffins Cake Plates

Doc McStuffins Cake Plates

Doc McStuffins Cake Plates

If you are planning a Doc McStuffins birthday party then of course you will need some fun paper plates.

How about these cake plates that have a picture of Lambie, Stuffy and of course Doc McStuffins on it.

These plates are square and come in a pack of 8.

Cake, chips, cookies and more all love to be eaten from these fun Doc McStuffins party plates.

Even with plain napkins these plates will make the party stand out so why wait.

Come and get some of these fun Doc McStuffins Cake Plates.

buy Doc McStuffins Kids Pajama

Doc McStuffins Kids Pajama

Do your girls like Doc McStuffins? If they do then what would be more fun then watching the Doc on TV while you are in your Doc McStuffins pajama. And of course these pajamas are also great for sleeping.

The Doc McStuffins pajama set has pink pants that has fun stripes on them and a big pink bow.

And the long sleeve pajama shirt shows Doc McStuffins, Lambie, Stuffy and Chilly and lots of hearts and the words “Let’s Cuddle” because that is what stuffed creatures like to do.

You can get these Doc McStuffins pajamas in many kids sizes so that they can enjoy Doc McStuffins in the right size.

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buy Doc McStuffins And Lambie Christmas Ornament

Doc McStuffins And Lambie Christmas Ornament

We all know how much Doc McStuffins likes Lambie and this Christmas ornament shows that even more.

This Disney Christmas ornament shows Doc McStuffins giving a big hug to Lambie her plush friend.

This Doc McStuffins ornament is about 3 1/2 inch high and is hand painted and looks just amazing.

Kids and adults that love the doc will love this ornament.

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buy Doc McStuffins Holding Lambie Key Chain

Doc McStuffins Holding Lambie Key Chain

Doc McStuffins Holding Lambie Key Chain

Doc McStuffins is examining Lambie and and it looks like Lambie is not to sick to have fun and play.

And all that is happening on this Disney key chain.

A Doc McStuffins key chain is not only great for holding keys you can also use it to hang on jackets, backpacks or anything else.
But if you do hang kids keys on it then you are sure they will not loose them because nobody wants to loos a cool Doc McStuffins key chain.

The key chain is 2.75″ in diameter and is water proof.

Surprise your little Doc fans with this Doc McStuffins Holding Lambie Key Chain.

buy Doc McStuffins Lambie Plush

Doc McStuffins Lambie Plush

Lambie from Doc McStuffins now as plush toy

If you kids love Doc McStuffins then they are gone love this plush.

This is a plush version of Lambie the friend from Doc McStuffins.

This plush Lambie is about 6 inch tall and of course has the tutu and hair bow that Lambie wears on the Doc McStuffins TV series.

And a small plush doll like this is great to have so that you can replay the Doc McStuffins episodes yourself in your home.

Make you kids happy with their own Lambie doll.

Don’t wait come and check out this Doc McStuffins Lambie Plush Doll.