Star Wars Plush With Sound

Star Wars fans can go a bit nuts about there love for Star Wars but what is wrong with that I would say nothing.

When it is gift time again maybe you should think of surprising them with a gift they will love you for forever.

Now there are plush Star Wars characters that make sound to and they even come in 3 different sizes.

As you can see at the Yoda picture above they come in 4, 9 and 15 inch.

And all plush Star Wars Characters come with there own special sounds that you are so used to from the Star Wars Movies.

As you can see I really put a lot of pictures in this post and just because these Plush Star Wars figures are so cute. OK let me tell you what figures are available, there is Darth Vader, R2-D2, Yoda and Chewbacca.

I guess you are still interested in the Star Wars plush and for that maybe go check out these plush and see a little video of the Star Wars Plush with Sound.

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buy Hello Kitty Backpack

Hello Kitty Backpack

No this is not just a plush doll that looks like Hello Kitty. This is a Hello Kitty Backpack.

Now you can carry your toys where ever you go. Gone visit grandma today maybe bring some nice drawing for her in your Backpack.

Kitty is soft enough to be a doll and fun enough to carry around all day long.

Check out what others think of this Hello Kitty Backpack.

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buy Harry Potter Monster Book of Monsters Plush

Harry Potter Monster Book of Monsters Plush

Scary yet so soft and cuddly. If you are a Harry Potter fan or know somebody that is then you need to get The Monster Book of Monsters Plush. It can go with costumes or be a snuggle friend or add it to you Harry Potter collection. But be careful because this book will attack anyone who opens it unless of course, you know how to subdue the book.

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buy Lord Of The Rings Mini Plush

Lord Of The Rings Mini Plush

Bring the amazing movie The Lord Of The Rings to life in front of your very own eyes with these cool mini plush toys. They come in four different characters to chose from Frodo, Legolas, Gandalf, or an Orc. Each one comes with a cool type of plastic weapon sewn on so you can reenact any scene.

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Star Wars Collector Plush Figures

Big Star Wars plush to take your collection to new heights. These collectables are highly detailed with many surprises (like Chewie’s functional pouch)! Bendy Darth Vader, and R2D2 has a pop out jet booster. Yoda, Chewie, Vader, and R2D2 are all waiting to come home with you.

Find your Star Wars Collector Plush Figures.

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buy Monsters VS Aliens B.O.B. Plush

Monsters VS Aliens B.O.B. Plush

B.O.B. From DreamWorks’ Monsters vs Aliens film is a brainless, indestructible gelatinous blue blob, loved by everybody he meets. This plush B.O.B. is so soft and cuddly you will love him too. It would also make a great addition to a Monsters vs Aliens collector.

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Shrek All Ears T-Shirt

shrek and donkey on a t-shirt and plush doll

Kids that like Shrek will love this product.

See the plush doll of Donkey? yes  you see it right it has a little backpack and that is where the Shrek and Donkey I’m all ears T-shirt is. The plush of Donkey is 8″ and that makes it a great play toy and the T-Shirt of course is great for the kids to wear.

Check out this Shrek All Ears T-Shirt and Plush

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