buy The Simpsons 2015 Wall Calendar

The Simpsons 2015 Wall Calendar

The Simpsons 2015 Wall Calendar

Who doesn’t like the Simpson family and all of the antics that happen during their every day lives. Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie, they make for one great animated TV show. This 2015 wall calendar features the longest running animated TV show in American history and we all know why.

This calendar is full of amazing color photos of the Simpsons during every month of the year. Each page contains a previous and next month view. There are some famous birthday’s included on every day and holidays are marked too.

When hanging on the wall the calendar measures 12″ x 22″ and it includes September to December of 2014 to make it a 16 month calendar all together.

Spread some smiles around the house or office with The Simpsons 2015 Wall Calendar.

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Homer Simpson Snow Globe

Homer Simpson musical snow globe

Homer Simpson is the kind of person who is confussed every Christmas year after year.

But this year he tries to do better. They Put Homer in a snow globe together with there dog Santa’s Little Helper and the cat Snowball II. Homer will try to make you smile this Christmas.

And not only is this a snow globe that will snow when you shake it no this is also a music box. There is a wind up music system that will play some fun music while you make Homer stand in the snow.

On the front of the Simpsons snow globe it says “Peace on Earth”.

Now is the time to get your decorations figured out and I think  you need a Homer Simpsons Musical Snow Globe.