buy Captain America Shield Steering Wheel Cover

Captain America Shield Steering Wheel Cover

Now you car can have this Captain America Shield Steering Wheel Cover making it look even better.

Steering wheel covers are a great way to have nicer grip or even warmer hands in winter and if you like Captain America then you could use this one.

This steering wheel cover is black and has 3 spots that has a blue and white background color and also has the famous shield of Captain America on it.

Maybe adding this item to your car will gives you a bit of superhero powers and as it looks great it may even make your car look nicer.

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buy PAW Patrol Finger Puppets

PAW Patrol Finger Puppets

Kids are going to love these PAW Patrol Finger Puppets.

This is a set of 5 finger puppets that are rated ages 3 and up and they are great for kids and adults to play with and they great for in the bath too to keep your child entertained while being in the water.

The set includes a finger puppet of Marshall, Skye, Chase, Rubble, and Zuma and all look exactly like they do in the kids favorite TV show PAW Patrol.

And when playing with them could get them dirty but no worries the finger puppets are easy to clean.

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buy Game of Thrones The Complete Series On DVD and Blu-ray

Game of Thrones The Complete Series On DVD and Blu-ray

Now you can watch Game of Thrones The Complete Series On DVD and Blu-ray.

Game of Thrones was a really amazing TV series and there was so much happening that you may have missed while you watched it the first time so now you can watch it again.

You can get this Game of Thrones set on DVD or on Blu-ray and both include all 8 seasons of the series.

So if you like to watch Game of Thrones all in one go then now you can because this disk set is all you really need besides a nice TV with snacks and drinks.

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buy Gilmore Girls I Smell Snow Beanie Hat

Gilmore Girls I Smell Snow Beanie Hat

Now there is a fun Gilmore Girls I Smell Snow Beanie Hat.

We all know how much Lorelai loves snow and we know how the Gilmore Girls can smell the fresh snow in the air. Now there is this blue winter hat that says “I Smell Snow” ¬†and by wearing it all Gilmore Girls know that you are a big fan like them.

Beside the text you can find snow flakes all over the hat and there is a fun pompon on top and on the rim you find a small Gilmore Girls logo.

The Gilmore Girls beanie hat is made from 100% acrylic and one size fits most.

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buy Kids Peppa Pig Chair

Kids Peppa Pig Chair

Now there is this neat Kids Peppa Pig Chair.

This Peppa Pig chair is a nice upholstered arm chair that is cute looking and still will look nice in you home.

The kids chair is blue in color with a green details on the seat it has the Peppa Pig logo and on the back rest you can find Peppa and her brother George and they are also enjoying the sun. You can also find the same image on the two side pockets to make the chair even more fun.

Made for kids ages 3 – 6 years and up to 100lbs this kids chair is just perfect for making a little Peppa Pig fan happy.

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buy Friends Central Perk Mug Tree Ornament

Friends Central Perk Mug Tree Ornament

Start decorating the Christmas tree with this fun Friends Central Perk Mug Tree Ornament.

If you love coffee and the Friends TV show then this fun ornament is just fun to have in your tree this holiday season.

The ornament looks like a coffee cup that is white with a red handle and inside the mug you can see coffee with the Friends logo on it and on the outside you can find the Central Perk logo.

Now you just need an empty branch on the Christmas tree the hang this cute ornament on so that everyone can enjoy it this Christmas season.

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buy Buddy Elf Cardboard Cutout

Buddy Elf Cardboard Cutout

Now you can have this Buddy Elf Cardboard Cutout in your home or at your holiday party.

The cardboard cutout is life-size at 68 inches tall you can enjoy the real Buddy just standing in your home and you can stand next to it.

Buddy Elf can stand freely where ever you like him to be so that you he can be part of your holiday decorations and maybe you can do some selfies with the fun character from the 2003 Elf movie.

As you can see Buddy is really excited about being in you home but if you like a different version then click on the picture of Buddy Elf as different versions are available too.

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buy Harry Potter Hogwarts Tree Topper

Harry Potter Hogwarts Tree Topper

Now you can have this Harry Potter Hogwarts Tree Topper which makes your Christmas tree looks magical.

If you like Harry Potter and Christmas then this tree topper is what you like to see on top of you tree.

This tree topper looks like the Hogwarts school and it has light and sound build in and that is not all, this Hallmark ornament can interact with different Hallmark Harry Potter ornaments which is really cool and you can see in action by clicking the picture.

So if you want a unique Harry Potter experience in your Christmas tree then this is what you have to see.

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buy Rajah Plush Tiger

Rajah Plush Tiger

If you like Aladdin and plush animals then you have to see this Rajah Plush Tiger.

This plush looks just like the real Rajah from the 1992 Aladdin movie and this tiger really looks happy to become your new friend as it has a friendly smile on its face.

The Rajah tiger is 21 inches making it a nice size plush and I am sure that kids and adults both will like this cute animal. Anyone that loves Disney movies and plush animals just need this adorable tiger.

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buy Ron Swanson And Bacon Sticker

Ron Swanson And Bacon Sticker

If you like Parks And Recreation then you may like this Ron Swanson And Bacon Sticker.

This Parks And Recreation sticker is has a red background and on top you can see the face of Ron Swanson and below it you can see two piece of bacon in cross shape below that.

If you like bacon as much as Ron does then this could be the perfect sticker for you.

This vinyl sticker is great for indoor and outdoors use so that you can use it on your car or computer or maybe just a journal.

Now people will know that you like Ron Swanson when they see this decal on things.

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