buy Harry Potter Wand Necklace

Harry Potter Wand Necklace

If you want to be able to do magic then maybe wearing this Harry Potter wand necklace can make it happen.

The Harry Potter necklace is a cord necklace that is 21 inches long with a 3-inch extender and on this necklace, you will find a charm that is a replica of the wand of Harry Potter.

Yes, it is not the real wand as that would be a little bit big for on a necklace so this wand is a perfect replica and is 2 1/2 inches long.

So now you can have a piece of Harry Potter near all day long by simply wearing this special wand necklace.

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buy Star Wars R2-D2 Bubble Machine

Star Wars R2-D2 Bubble Machine

Now there is an R2-D2 bubble machine and that is perfect for a true Star Wars fans that like bubbles.

If R2-D2 is not being filmed for a new Star Wars movie then he is just playing around and his favorite pass time is blowing bubbles.

And now you can have your own Star Wars bubble-maker that looks just like the real R2-D2.

The R2-D2 bubble machine is 18 inches tall and runs on batteries and can hold up to 8oz of bubble liquid. Just take your favorite drone to the park or use him for your own Star Wars themed party and the bubbles really make everything look festive and fun.

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buy Alice In Wonderland Cuckoo Clock

Alice In Wonderland Cuckoo Clock

If you need a clock and you like Alice In Wonderland then you should check out this Alice In Wonderland cuckoo clock.

This is a really special clock that looks like the hat that the Mad Hatter wears and on that hat, you can find many amazing details and many characters from the story and yes it does include Alice and the Cheshire cat.

The Alice In Wonderland clock does not have a little bird coming out every hour but a cup with a mouse in it instead.

And what use is a clock in the dark if there isn’t any light and that is why they build in LED lights in the clock that also charges glow in the dark details.

The Alice In Wonderland cuckoo clock is battery operated so you can hang it anywhere you want.

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buy Betty Boop Personalized Luggage Tag

Betty Boop Personalized Luggage Tag

If you like Betty Boop and traveling then check out this Betty Boop luggage tag.

On the front, the luggage tag shows a red background with light red polka dots and on top of that you can see Betty Boop and her name beside it.

On the back, you will find the same red color for the top part and it does have Betty Boop on it too and below that it has your information just printed on the tag so that it is always ready for a trip.

A personalized luggage tag like this one is great for traveling but also great for you school or gym bag.

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buy DJ Suki Plush Pillow Buddy

DJ Suki Plush Pillow Buddy

Now there is a Trolls plush of DJ Suki and it’s not just a plush it is also a pillow buddy so she is great for sleeping to.

The plush of DJ Suki is 22 inches tall and yes she is wearing her headphones because she is a DJ so she needs them.

Now you can cuddle play and sleep with your favorite Trolls character DJ Suki.

Suki is always dressed for a party and her happy face could be the first thing you see in the morning.

Kids will love to have this plush Trolls character so why not add it to the collection.

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buy Wonder Woman Power Bank

Wonder Woman Power Bank

Now there is a Wonder Woman power bank and you just need to add that to you to go bag.

We all know the feeling of not having power when we need it and that is why this power bank is so handy and always ready to charge your phone when you are on the go.

The power bank has a white border but the front is red and just shows the hair of Wonder Woman and her logo.

The power bank can be recharged with the included cable and is a great item to have in your handbag or backpack so that you never have to run out of batty power again.

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buy PAW Patrol Paper Cups

PAW Patrol Paper Cups

If you want a PAW Patrol party then you just need these PAW Patrol paper cups.

These cups come in a pack of 8 and can hold up to 11oz. in drinks.

On the PAW Patrol cups, you can find Chase, Marshall, Rocky, Zuma, Rubble, Skye and Ryder so they are just perfect for a PAW Patrol themed party.

The fun cups will be loved by the kids that love the puppies from PAW Patrol and that means they may pay more attention to where their juice ends up.

You don’t need everything PAW Patrol for your party but having cups like this is a great start.

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buy Women’s Pikachu Pajama Set

Women’s Pikachu Pajama Set

If you want to be a Pokemon then dress up in this women’s Pikachu pajama set and maybe someone with catch you.

The sleep set is all yellow with a Poke Ball on the shorts and the top has the tail of Pikachu printed on the back and comes with a hood that has the face and ears of Pikachu while being sleeveless to be great for a warm night.

You can get his Pikachu pajama set in many women’s sizes so that it will fit the way you want.

And besides sleeping Pikachu style you can also use this Pokemon sleep set for comfortable lounging at home.

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buy Women’s Harley Quinn Pajama Set

Women’s Harley Quinn Pajama Set

If you want to be a bit more like Harley Quinn at home then you should check out this women’s Harley Quinn pajama set.

The set has long pants that have one red and a blue leg and on it, you find gold diamonds. The long shirt is white with a red area around the shoulder and on the front, it says “Daddy’s Lil Monster” just like on the shirt Harley Quinn wears in Suicide Squad.

You can get this cotton sleep set in women’s sizes Small, Medium, and Large and it is great for sleeping but also amazing as loungewear.

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buy Hello Kitty Baby Bodysuit

Hello Kitty Baby Bodysuit

If you want you baby to look cute then dress them in this Hello Kitty baby bodysuit.

The bodysuit heather gray and is made of 88% cotton and 12% polyester and comes in sizes 0 – 18 months.

On the front, you can see the face of Hello Kitty and it has white dots on it and a pink and white bow and below Hello Kitty it says “Hello”. On the back of this snapsuit, you can see 3 little toys.

The infant bodysuit has short sleeves and 3 button snaps on the bottom so that it is easy to put on your newborn and comfy for it to wear.

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