buy 500th Simpsons Skateboard Deck

500th Simpsons Skateboard Deck

Limited edition bart simpson skateboard deck

This is one of those really special items!

Did you know that the Simpsons reached 500 episodes?

And because of the 500th episode they made this really special skateboard deck.

The deck is white and on one side it has a special 500 episode logo and below that a laser engraved number. There will only be 500 boards and your number can be found there.

On the other side you see a slasher version of Bart Simpson. A fun and real detailed picture of the slasher Bart.

This skateboard deck is made out of 7-ply maple an is based on Santa Cruz Skateboards Keith Meek Slasher Pro Model.

If you are a skating Simpsons fan then you just have to have one of  The Simpsons Limited Edition 500th Episode Bart Slasher Skateboard Deck.

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