buy Bart And His Skateboard T-Shirt

Bart And His Skateboard T-Shirt

Bart Simpson And His Skateboard T-Shirt

There is Bart Simpson the son of the Simpson family and this time he can be found on a girls t-shirt.

The shirt is a turquoise blue and has a big picture of Bart while he leans on his skateboard. No longer is Bart only for men’s t-shirts now the women can finally enjoy a t-shirt with Bart Simpson.

A t-shirt like this should not be missing in a The Simpsons collection and that is why this Bart Simpson t-shirt comes in a wide selection of sizes from XS – XXL but this t-shirt has a junior fit so watch you size to get one that fits perfectly to your body.

The Simpsons t-shirt is made from 100% cotton and will be loved by everyone who sees it.

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