buy Cars 2 95 T-Shirt

Cars 2 95 T-Shirt

Cars 2 race t-shirt for kids

Gentlemen start you engines!

And we are off the race with between the world greatest race cars.

In front we see Francesco Bernoulli then in second place we find Raoul ÇaRoule and 3rd is Lightning McQueen in a close battle with Jeff Gorvette.

OK I don’t know witch car finished first but what I do know is that this is the race you see happening on this kids t-shirt.

The shirt is a nice blue with with all the cars and the word Lightning McQueen because he is our hero and the number 95 as that is his race number.

Sizes start at 2T up to size 7 and if your kid gets this t-shirt then he will never take it off any more because it is just to nice.

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