buy Dauntless First Jumper T-Shirt

Dauntless First Jumper T-Shirt

Divergent Dauntless initiates t-shirt

When the new Dauntless initiates get to the Dauntless compound they have to jump and have faith that there is something below them to catch them.
And this t-shirt shows that in a fun way.

This Divergent t-shirt comes in 21 fun colors and is available in a men and women’s cut and is even available as an organic version.

And on this shirt you can see the word “Dauntless” and on top of that you can see little people and yes they are the initiates and then you can see one flying down I bet you that is Tris the first jumper.

This Divergent t-shirt has such a clear part of the story on it but in a fun way that really make this one of the better shirts to own.

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