buy E.T. Bicycle Moon T-Rex T-Shirt

E.T. Bicycle Moon T-Rex T-Shirt

E.T. Bicycle Moon T-Rex Tshirt

A classic movie crossed with a dinosaur what a great combination on this E.T. bicycle moon t-rex t-shirt.

On the front of this shirt you will see a parody take on the classic movie of E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial. Find the classic scene where E.T. makes the bicycle fly and the shot has a large moon in the background. The parody part here is instead of a silhouette of E.T. and Elliott on a bicycle you see a t-rex riding the bike.

This t-shirt is available in a very large selection of men’s sizes that will range from Small to 5XL. You can also check out the many many different styles of shirts to get this funny E.T. t-rex parody print on.

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