buy Gizmo In Danger T-Shirt

Gizmo In Danger T-Shirt

Gizmo In Danger T-Shirt

If you seen the Gremlins movies then of course you know Gizmo and this t-shirt shows Gizmo and he seems scared of something.

It could be direct sunlight, water or food after midnight. either of these things can transform this loving creature into a monster and that is what you see if you look at Gizmo’s shadow.

Maybe Gizmo would turn into Stripe the bad one.

Either way this Gremlins t-shirt is fun for the true fan of this movie classic.

And this t-shirt is available in many colors and men and women’s styles and even in sizes as they come from Small – 6XL.

Maybe again we have to tell the world about what not to do with a Mogwai and lets start by wearing this Gremlins Gizmo In Danger T-Shirt.

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