buy James Bond DB5 Model Kit

James Bond DB5 Model Kit

007 James Bond DB5 Model Kit

If you are a big fan of 007 then you should check out this James Bond DB5 Model Kit.

This is not just any Austin Marin model, this is one you have to build yourself and  after it is done then you have the same car as James Bond only small as it is a 1:8 scale replica.

And this DB5 has cool features just like the 007 one including the rotating license plate, machine guns, working lights, and even a working ejector seat.

The James Bond die cast model is a subscription model so that you get new parts for a while and that is fun as it keeps becoming more and more of the car and it even has display base, poster, and the blueprint.

If you like James Bond and building things then this is what you want.

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