buy 2022 Doctor Who Comic Poster Calendar

2022 Doctor Who Comic Poster Calendar

Let’s start the year with this 2022 Doctor Who Comic Poster Calendar because this is the calendar a Doctor Who fan wants.

And this is not a calendar with a great calendar grid for your appointments, this is a poster calendar that has great images and just a the numbers of the month and the day of the week.

As there are 13 doctors right now this calendar is also 13 months and that means you will get a fun poster that shows a comic style with one of the Doctors in the middle and it is surrounded with things from their adventures and yes that could mean villains or the Tardis but there is a lot to enjoy so find a spot on your wall for it.

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buy Women’s Mickey Mouse 28 Jersey Shirt

Women’s Mickey Mouse 28 Jersey Shirt

You can be wearing this Women’s Mickey Mouse 28 Jersey Shirt which is great if you love Mickey Mouse a lot.

This is a jersey style shirt that is all about our favorite Disney character Mickey Mouse.

As you can see the shirt is white with short black sleeves. On the front you can find a big picture of Mickey who is standing on the side and then on then back it has the big number 28 and above it the name Mickey because it is all about him. And if you know all about Mickey Mouse then you know he first appeared in 1928.

You can get this Mickey Mouse shirt in women’s sizes Small – 2XL for the perfect fit for you.

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buy Tina Belcher SodaZ Figure

Tina Belcher SodaZ Figure

Bob’s Burgers fans can now get this fun Tina Belcher SodaZ Figure.

This is a vinyl Bob’s Burgers figurine of Tina and it really looks a lot like Tina but is shaped a little bit different.

As you can see the figurine looks a lot like a pop can with arms and legs and that is really fun and different especially as it looks like Tina from Bob’s Burgers.

Tina is about 5.5 inches tall and just need a nice spot in your home or office.  And the figurine comes in a nice box for real collectors and there is a cute addition to the back and true fans of Bob’s Burgers know what it says but if you want to know then click the picture.

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buy Friends Wooden Cooking Spoons

Friends Wooden Cooking Spoons

If you like Friends and cooking then you should check out this set of Friends Wooden Cooking Spoons.

These cooking spoons are made from bamboo and each of the 5 spoons is a little bit different so that you have the perfect spoon for the things you need to do.

And each spoon has as fun details from the Friends TV show. You can find the friends logo, picture frame, Central Perk logo and lots more that all the true fans of  Friends.

Having these fun cooking utensils in your kitchen is way more fun then just plain boring spoons and this is really fun for fans of the Friends TV show.

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buy Betty Boop Metal Water Bottle

Betty Boop Metal Water Bottle

Now you can take a drink where ever you go all thanks to this Betty Boop Metal Water Bottle.

This is a single walled stainless steel water bottle and that can hold 24oz so plenty for staying hydrated on the go.

And on the bottle you can see small white and red hearts all over the background and then on top of it all there is a nice picture of Betty Boop in her famous red dress.

This Betty Boop bottle is great for water and other drinks and then you can take it camping, work, the gym or anywhere else you can get thirsty and it has a nice loop so that you could even hang it on your backpack.

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buy 2022 Batman Wall Calendar

2022 Batman Wall Calendar

This comic styles 2022 Batman Wall Calendar is a great way to make your room look fun.

A Batman calendar is what a true fan wants and that means it is great to buy yourself but also works great as a present for a birthday or the holidays.

This wall calendar has the top half that shows a new image each month and besides Batman and Robin you will find many other characters and lots of villains including the Penguin, Joker and others.

On the lower half of the calendar there you see the nice calendar grid with lots of space of important notes.

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buy Patrick Star Pool Float

Patrick Star Pool Float

If your pool a bit empty then you really should check out this Patrick Star Pool Float that is big making it great for kids and adults.

Patrick Star is one of my favorite characters and of course he is the best friend of SpongeBob Squarepants and as he is a starfish he needs water so put this float in the pool or take it to the beach.

The pool float is is shaped and looks like Patrick with his mouth open and with his famous swim trunks on.

And this is not just a tine float, this Patrick pool float is 6 feet tall which makes it big enough for adults and great for kids to play on.

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buy Dwight And The Jello Stapler T-Shirt

Dwight And The Jello Stapler T-Shirt

Now there is this Dwight And The Jello Stapler T-Shirt that is just perfect for all the fans of The Office.

This Office t-shirt is available in styles for men, women, and kids and it comes in lots of colors and in sizes going all they way up to adults 10XL.

If you watched all the episodes of The Office then you know all about how the stapler of Dwight Schrute ended up in Jello and how happy Dwight was when he saw it.

Pam and Jim really enjoyed the whole stapler event and you can now to by simply wearing this t-shirt.

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buy Hello Kitty Soap Bars

Hello Kitty Soap Bars

Hello Kitty fans don’t need to worry about soap anymore because now you can get these Hello Kitty Soap Bars.

This Hello Kitty soap is made by Dial and come in a pack of 2 and on the soap is does says “Dial” but next to it you can see the head of Hello Kitty.

Just imagine having this soap on the soap dish of you bathroom, it will be amazing and if you put it in the guess bathroom to then all the visitors will smile when they see it.

And the fresh scent of the Dial soap is a plus too. Pandemic or not washing your hands is important so make sure you have enough soap.

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buy Jack Skellington Waste Basket

Jack Skellington Waste Basket

Now you can have a place for your trash all thanks to this Jack Skellington Waste Basket.

If you like The Nightmare Before Christmas and especially Jack Skellington then this is perfect for your bedroom, bathroom, or the office.

The waste basket is made from easy to clean strong and light weight resin.

On the garbage bin it shows a graveyard in the background and then in front of it you can find a big image of the famous Jack Skellington.

It is a great looking bin and maybe it makes people actually use it as it looks so fun.

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