buy Dwight Bottle Opener

Dwight Bottle Opener

Now you can open your bottle in The Office style all thanks to this Dwight Bottle Opener.

This bottle opener is made from metal and has magnets on the back so that you can stick it to the fridge and one part is the typical bottle opener and the other part has the head of Dwight Schrute and there are two different version and you can see both by clicking on the picture. And both image of Dwight are in enamel so that it looks really good.

So now when you come back from work and want a cool beer you can open it with this The Office bottle opener.

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buy Plush Hugsy Penguin

Plush Hugsy Penguin

Now Friends fans can have their own Plush Hugsy Penguin just like Joey has.

If you watched Friends then you know about the plush Penguin that Joey Tribbiani owns and almost loves more than he does food.

And we know that there was one little girl that really wanted to have Hugsy and that was Emma.

And now you can own one yourself and the penguin is available in two sizes to be just perfect for you. And like the one on TV you can take his scarf, jacket, goggles, and hat of to make look different every time you want.

I am sure that every true Friends fans wants this penguin so why not get yourself one before Joey buys them all.

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buy Kramer & Newman Bottle & Can Recycling Co T-Shirt

Kramer & Newman Bottle & Can Recycling Co T-Shirt

Now there is this fun Kramer & Newman Bottle & Can Recycling Co T-Shirt that is just perfect for all the true Seinfeld fans.

If you have seen all the Seinfeld episodes of the famous show then you can remember the fun episode where Kramer and Newman decide to collect bottles for recycling and bring it to a different state as they can get more money there.

This t-shirt is green and shows the van they use to transport the bottles and this time it has a recycling symbol on it and above it you find the text “Kramer & Newman Bottle & Can Recycling Co.” and blow the van you can see a sign that says “N.Y. City –> Saginaw, Michigan”.

It is an amazing shirt that all the fans of Seinfeld will recognize and you can get it in men’s sizes Small – 2XL and it is made from 50% cotton and 50% polyester.

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buy Riverdale Monopoly

Riverdale Monopoly

Now there is Riverdale Monopoly and that means that you can play a board game based on one of your favorite Netflix shows.

The Monopoly board game is like you are used to only this time the play pieces, cards, and even the board is all different and all based on Riverdale.

Playing Monopoly is always fun and now you can play this special version with your friends that like Riverdale as much as you do.

Collectors of Riverdale or board games definitely have to check out this game as it is special and something that may the top piece of your collection.

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buy Tardis And Stripes Card Holder

Tardis And Stripes Card Holder

Now there is this Tardis And Stripes Card Holder that is a great way to organize your cards and have them ready when you want them.

If you are a Doctor Who fan with lots of cards lying around maybe even loose in your handbag then you need this Doctor Who card wallet.

The card holder is Tardis blue and has the door sign on it that we know from the 13th Doctor’s Tardis.

Inside there are a bunch of pocket that are nicely decorated and are great to organize you cards so that you know where they are.

And there is a fun striped cover to with a fun Police Publix Call Box buckle.

Stop having your cards lying just around by organizing them Doctor Who style.

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buy Farewell Lil’l Sebastian Blanket

Farewell Lil’l Sebastian Blanket

Now Parks and Recreation fans can get this Farewell Lil’l Sebastian Blanket.

No matter if you are going for a picnic, road trip, or being comfy on the couch this Parks and Recreation blanket is what you need.

The blanket is 45 x 60 inches and made from 100% polyester making it a soft sherpa fleece and that means it is nice and warm.

So now you can take the little horse from Parks and Recreation where every you want and I am sure it will be a perfect blanket for a nice picnic in the park but it will look great on the bed and the couch.

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buy Bamboo Dunder Mifflin Travel Mug

Bamboo Dunder Mifflin Travel Mug

Now there is this Bamboo Dunder Mifflin Travel Mug that is great for taking your morning coffee on the go.

Fans of The Office that want a nice travel mug should check this one out. The mug is made from metal with bamboo cover with on it the logo of the Dunder Mifflin Paper Company.

It is a 15oz mug making it a nice size for taking on a road trip or to the office.

Just put your favorite beverage in it no matter if it is coffee, tea, or water it will work great for you.

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buy Scooby-Who T-Shirt

Scooby-Who T-Shirt

Now there is this Scooby-Who T-Shirt that brings the world of Scooby-Doo into the world of Doctor Who.

You can get this funny t-shirt in styles for men, women, and kids and is available in lots of colors and sizes going all the way to and adults 10XL.

On the t-shirt you can see the Tardis in background but it is not the normal blue as it has the print from the Mystery Machine on it and then in front of it you can find Shaggy and he is dress up as the 10th Doctor and Scooby-Doo became the famous robot dog K-9.

If you like Doctor Who and Scooby-Doo then this is just a really funny t-shirt you need.

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buy House Quotes T-Shirt

House Quotes T-Shirt

Now you can get this House Quotes T-Shirt for all the fans of the House MD TV show.

You can get this House t-shirt in men’s sizes Small – 3XL and they are all made from 100% cotton.

On the t-shirt it shows the famous House logo on top with below it a picture of Gregory House and next to his picture you can find typical quotes he uses like “Everybody Lies” and “Humanity is Overrated”.

So if you want to keep memories of House active then wearing this t-shirt is a great way to start and I am sure that others will see this t-shirt and think back of all the medical case Gregory solved.

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buy The Office Cast Air Fresheners

The Office Cast Air Fresheners

Now there are The Office Cast Air Fresheners that come in many of the characters of The Office.

These air fresheners are shaped like the heads of a character of the office and you can choose from Micheal, Dwight, Jim, Pam, Stanley, Darryl, Creed, and others.

And you can get these air freshener is different scents to and there are many different smells to choose from.

Now you can have your favorite character of The Office hanging from your car window or maybe in your work or school locker and while dangling it also removes those horrible smells that can hang around and you don’t really like.

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