buy Spider-Man Eyes Crew Socks

Spider-Man Eyes Crew Socks

Spider-Man Eyes Crew Socks

Marvel Comics with so many awesome superheroes it is hard to choose your favorite, but with a cool pair of Spider-Man socks I think we have found a winner.

These Spider-Man crew socks are all red with a black toe and a black heel aswell as black trim line at the top. They feature a really cool set of Spider-Man eyes half way up the front shin and a black spider silhouette on the top of each foot.

Made from a blend of materials to give you comfort, durability and warmth, the Spider-Man socks are available in sock sizes 10 to 13 which will fit a wide range of shoe sizes from 6 to 12.

Get into the comfy Marvel Comics Spider-Man Eyes Crew Socks.

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