iCarly Binder

iCarly Binder

Unfortunately school is one of those things you just have to go to. But why not make it a little bit more fun?

Right you can now take a binder that looks great like this one with iCarly on it. And if iCarly by herself is not cool enough you van even have text printed on it to. You can have you name on it or things like Homework, secret files or what ever you like.

Check out the cool back design of this iCarly Binder.

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buy Toy Story Neon Color Explosion

Toy Story Neon Color Explosion

If you like coloring you will love this. Neon color explosion will really make you coloring pages pop out. This set of 18 Toy Story will surely bring hours and hours of fun and the special neon color markers (8 included) will really make this a special coloring experience.

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buy Spongebob Color ‘n Smell

Spongebob Color ‘n Smell

Coloring is fun but this is even more fun. This is a set of 20 coloring pages that smell when you color them.

So have fun and color you favorite Spongebob drawing and enjoy the smell that it offers. This set comes with 20 coloring pages and 6 color pencils and that means that you will be ready to go.

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buy Welcome to Class Mug

Welcome to Class Mug

Garfield back to school mug

Here is a great mug for kids and teachers that go back to school.

Garfield and his friend are sitting in the school benches ready for the learning and on the other side it says “Welcome to Classs. You may start thinking now.”

You see it would be a great present for a new teacher or one of you kids.

Order you Garfield Welcome to Class Mug today.

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buy Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Lunch Box

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Lunch Box

We all need to eat and what better way then bringing your lunch in a cool lunch box?

This lunch box is based on the Harry Potter movie the Order of the Phoenix and is made from metal and comes with a thermos that fits inside.

So now you can have your own full size Harry Potter lunch box and enjoy your food even better.

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Hello Kitty Lunch Bag


School lunches are not great and that is why we make some nice fresh foods for the kids for at school.

But such a nice lunch deserves a nice place to store it in and what is nicer then a Hello Kitty Lunch bag?

Go have a closer look at this Hello Kitty Lunch Bag.

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