Batman Bath Robe

Batman Bath Robe

A superhero needs a bath to and what does Batman wear when he leaves the shower?

Yes a Batman bath robe like this one.

This bath robe is black with some yellow accents and a  Batman logo on the front and a BIG Batman logo on the back.

You can get this bath robe in two versions one made out of cotto or one made out of fleece so what ever you prefer you can wear what Batman wears.

And if you want to be like Batman then you have to at least have a look at this Batman Bath Robe.

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buy Green Lantern Bath Robe

Green Lantern Bath Robe

Green Lantern Logo Bath robe

What do you think Hall Jordan wears when he comes out of the bathroom?

I think he would wear a green bath robe just like the one on the picture.

And if you like to wear a robe like you superhero then now you can get your own Green Lantern bath robe.

This bath robe is made of 100% cotton terry cloth and is of course realy soft.
And as any Green Lantern bath robe this one is green and has a logo on the front and a big logo on the back.

If you want a new bath robe then you should check out this Green Lantern Bath Robe.

buy Wonder Woman Bath Robe

Wonder Woman Bath Robe

Are you just like the amazing Superhero Wonder Woman?

Well if you are then you would definetly know that when she is relaxing and chilling out she wears this awsome Wonder Woman bath robe.

This bath robe features a stiched Wonder Woman emblem on the front an a large Wonder Woman logo on the back. made from nice and soft  terrycloth this is a high quality robe and that means very very warm. Officially licensed DC Comics Wonder Woman bath robe also has two pockets and a wrap around belt.

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buy Superman Bath Robe

Superman Bath Robe

The man of steel is here and now can be in everyone with this Superman bath robe.

A bath robe in the Superman colors blue and red with the Superman logo on the front and the back.

This robe has two front pockets and a wrap around belt to keep it closed.

Does you boyfriend or husband think they are Superman then this could be the gift they would really like.

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buy The Joker Bath Robe

The Joker Bath Robe

Batman will not like this!

A bath robe that look like it’s the one The Joker wears.

This bath robe is in the typical colors of the Joker with his head on the front and his logo on the back. And even on the two pockets you find card symbols.

A bath robe made out of fleece to keep you warm and to keep it extra soft.

This could be the perfect gift for a real Batman fan.

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Betty Boop Bathrobe

Betty Boop Pink Bathrobe

After a nice hot bath or shower, or when you wake up in the morning and it is cold you need to just throw on a nice comfy warm bath robe. I can’t think of a better way to warm up than with this sizzling hot Betty Boop bath robe. A nice large image of her with her trade mark leg up in the air can be found on the back, and a set of lips as an imprint of a kiss can be found on the front. Made from heavy weight polyester Betty Boop pink bath robe will surely warm you up.

Get your Betty Boop Pink Bathrobe.

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