buy Tigger Baby Bath Robe

Tigger Baby Bath Robe

Now when your baby had a bath you can role them into this super cute Tigger bath robe.

And yes Tigger the friend of Winnie the Pooh loves kids and loves it when they wear his bath robe when they are all wet and clean.

This Tigger bath robe is orange just like Tigger and has all the spots you expect to see on him. And the hood has the face of Tigger embroidered on it so that it really looks like this Disney character.

This Tigger bath robe is made from 100% cotton to give your baby a warm and soft feel.

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buy Captain America Bathrobe

Captain America Bathrobe

With this bathrobe you can start feeling like a true superhero.

This Captain America robe is the colors of the captains uniform. On the back of this terry robe you can find the shield of Captain America and the sleeves are red and white and blue and red and white stripes can be found on the front together with a star. And then there is an extra awesome feature.

The hood of this bathrobe is also like the mask / helmet of Captain America and for you that means that there are holes for you eyes making it like a real mask.

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buy The Walking Dead Survivor Bath Robe

The Walking Dead Survivor Bath Robe

The Walking Dead Survivor Bath Robe

Are you a Walking Dead survivor?

If you are then you deserve this bath robe. OK it maybe a bit frayed but that come because of the walkers.

On the front of this The Walking Dead bath robe you can see the Walking Dead logo and on the back there is a big panel that says “Walking Dead survivor” and shows a bloody face with a knife and a gun. You can also find some bloody scrapes on the sleeve.

So by simply wearing this hooded bath robe you look like you where in a fight with a walker.

This Walking Dead robe is made from 100% fleece making it nice and warm while you hang around the house.

You have to take a look all around this The Walking Dead Survivor Bath Robe.

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buy Harry Potter House Bath Robe

Harry Potter House Bath Robe

Harry Potter Gryffindor Bath Robe

Now you can get your own Harry Potter bath robe.

There are 4 version after the for houses in Hogwarts.

You can get a:

  • Gryffindor
  • Hufflepuff
  • Ravenclaw
  • Slytherin

Version and each are black with a lining and edges in the house color and a big crest on the front.

The Harry Potter bath robe is one size fits mosts. It fits a waist up to 55 inch and is 55 inch tall with 20 inch long sleeves.

Now you can be all comfortable in your 100% cotton bath robe while you are rereading Harry Potter.

Come check out all the versions of the Harry Potter Bath Robes.

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buy Thomas The Tank Engine Bath Robe

Thomas The Tank Engine Bath Robe

Kids love Thomas the train specially to play with the wooden train track is fun for young and old.

But you can’t take Thomas the Tank Engine into the bath.

When you are done in the tub you can have a nice warm bath robe and this one is covered with picture of Thomas.
The bath robe is blue and made from fleece.

And this Thomas the Train bath robe comes in sizes 2T, 3T and 4T so that you little once will fit in it perfectly.

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buy Superman Black Bath Robe

Superman Black Bath Robe

No blue and red in this Superman logo bath robe.

This bath robe is black and has silver details and of course the Superman logo.

The Superman logo can be found in a huge size on the back of this Superman bath robe and one on the front at chest high.

Even Superman likes soft and that is why this Superman robe is made from 100% terry cotton and that makes it nice and soft.

A bath robe like this is not just for when you come out of the shower, this Superman robe is great for lounging around the house and maybe even getting the paper from the mailbox so that the neighbours can see you amazing robe.

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buy Finn The Human Bath Robe

Finn The Human Bath Robe

We all would like to be part of Adventure Time and now you can be in a fun way.

If you don’t have a bath robe yet then this is your opportunity to be part of Adventure Time.

This robe makes you look like Finn. The big part of the Adventure Time bath robe is finn blue and then there is a hood witch of course is white and has the face of Finn the Human on it. Then there is a green belt to keep the robe closed when needed.

Oh and the Finn robe has two pockets and out of one a yellow creature is trying to get out. Oh wait it’s Jake the dog.

All in all this robe is perfect for lounging and using for when you come out of the shower.

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buy Sons Of Anarchy Bath Robe

Sons Of Anarchy Bath Robe

Any men can use a nice black bath robe.

Great to use when you come out of the shower but also great in the morning or just to lounge around.

This bath robe is the best robe a men can get because it is a Sons of Anarchy bath robe.

On the back of this robe it has the big reaper logo of the Sons of Anarchy and on the front you can find “SAMCRO” in big letters and “Redwood Original” on the chest.

This Sons of Anarchy bath robe is a great gift for yourself or a loved one that love SAMCRO.

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buy Star Wars R2-D2 Bath Robe

Star Wars R2-D2 Bath Robe

Did you always think you felt a bit strange in the morning?

Maybe it is time to start wearing this bath robe and then things will fall into place.

If you  feel like things are just moving like slow and in an automate pace in the morning then you are probably still in your R2-D2 mode and that would be even better if you do that part of the day in a Star Wars R2-D2 bath robe.

The bath robe has everything on it what you can expect from this robot and if you didn’t tell me then I would believe that you are this amazing robot.

So if you need a special gift or just something for yourself this bath robe could be perfect.

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buy Tardis Bath Robe

Tardis Bath Robe

How much do you want an officially licensed Doctor Who Bath Robe?

This could be the hotest Doctor Who item out there.

This bath robe is blue and made from 100% cotton terry cloth.

But most imprtantly it looks like the Tardis or at least the front does. On the back of this bath robe you see the Doctor Who logo.

So now you can travel in a Tardis from the bathroom to any other room of the house. Sorry no travel outside your home or to different times.

This one size fits all Tardis bath robe is the ideal gift and must have item for any fan of the Doctor.

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