buy Futurama Bender St Patrick’s Day T-Shirt

Futurama Bender St Patrick’s Day T-Shirt

Get ready for St Patrick’s Day by ordering your Futurama Bender St Patrick’s Day T-Shirt.

If you like a special t-shirt for St Patrick’s Day and you really like Futurama then you should check out this t-shirt as it is just made for you.

On the t-shirt you can see Bender dressed up as a leprechaun and even drinking a beer and then below it it says “St Patrick’s Day”.

You can get this St Patrick’s Day t-shirt in styles for men and women and it comes in lots of colors and in sizes Small – 10XL.

So now your St Patrick’s Day can be all perfect because you will know that Bender is celebrating with you.

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buy Bender Kiss My Metal Ass T-Shirt

Bender Kiss My Metal Ass T-Shirt

Futurama fans can now enjoy this Bender Kiss My Metal Ass T-Shirt.

This Futurama t-shirt is available in styles for both men and women and comes in sizes Small – 10XL and is also available in many colors.

On they t-shirt you can find Bender holding an guitar and showing his behind and then next to the robot it says “Kiss My Heavy Metal Ass”.

It is a fun t-shirt for a fan of Futurama and heavy metal. The fun design seems typical Bender style which makes it just the perfect Futurama t-shirt to have.

Come check out all the colors and styles and see if it is the perfect shirt for you.

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buy Futurama Bender Dorbz Figurine

Futurama Bender Dorbz Figurine

If you always dreamed of owning Bender from Futurama then you are in luck as this Bender Dorbz Figurine can be yours.

The figurine of Bender looks like the famous robot but as Dorbz figures are a bit rounder he also looks cuter and maybe even nicer. The vinyl figurine is 3 inches tall and comes in a cool box that you can actually see through and that gives the Futurama robot a nice home if you like your figurines to look like new.

Bender is not a kids toy but really a collectible that you should be adding to your Futurama collection as that is where he belongs.

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buy Futurama Bender Pop! Animation Figurine

Futurama Bender Pop! Animation Figurine

Bender the famous robot from the animated series Futurama has a drinking problem and we all know it.

And now they made a vinyl figurine out of him and of course he brought his own bottle.

This Bender figurine is 3 3/4 inch tall and is number 29 in the Pop! Animation series made by Funko.

Bender comes in his own window box so that you can keep him in new state or unpack him and give this crazy robot a neat place on a shelf or maybe you desk.

Any Futurama collection should include Bender and this figurine could be the perfect item to have.

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buy Futurama Bender T-Shirt

Futurama Bender T-Shirt

Futurama Bender Space Ship T-Shirt

This Futurama t-shirt maybe a bit different then what you normally see but that makes it more fun and different.

You can get this t-shirt in some dark colors but the blue on the picture definitely is my favorite. And this t-shirt comes in many styles for kids, women and men and yes lots of sizes going from tiny for kids to 6XL for the bigger males.

And on this t-shirt you can see a yellow round with in it Bender but the robot seem to look a bit like a LEGO figure and around the yellow globe there is a space ship flying and it looks like the Planet Express but this time it is red.

So if you are looking for a cool Futurama t-shirt that is fun then come see this Futurama Bender And The Space Ship T-Shirt.

buy Futurama Bender Costume

Futurama Bender Costume

Robot costume from Bender from Futurama

Are you excited to pick out the perfect Halloween costume to go out on Halloween night?

If you want to be the coolest robot at the party then this Bender costume will be perfect for you.

This adult Futurama Bender costume is designed to look just like Bender the robot from the television series Futurama. The costume includes a polyfoam tunic top with a plastic hoop in the shoulders, a foam bender headpiece with a mesh screen for vision at the mouth, and elastic waist pants with foam boot covers shaped like benders feet.

You will find yourself disliking humans, smoking cigars, drinking and having fun at the party while wearing the Futurama Bender Robot Costume.

buy Futurama Bender Keep Calm T-Shirt

Futurama Bender Keep Calm T-Shirt

There is no better way to calm down a situation than some fine wise words from Bender, everybodys favorite household helper.

This is a t-shirt that features the funny hunk of tin Bender from the hilarious television series Futurama. Find a grey shirt that has an image of Benders head with the saying “Keep Calm and Bite My Shiny Metal Ass”.

Made from 100% cotton this t-shirt gives you best of both worlds, durable and comfortable. The Bender Keep Clam t-shirt is available in huge selection of sizes ranging from Small to 3XLarge.

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buy Futurama Bender Skyline T-Shirt

Futurama Bender Skyline T-Shirt

Are you looking for a Futurama t-shirt that looks kinda intimidating?

This red t-shirt could do that as it show the head of Bender the robot and his eyes don’t seem happy.
But the fun part of this Futurama t-shirt is that Bender’s head flows into a city skyline.

This red Futurama t-shirt is made from 100% cotton and has a standard fit and comes in sizes Small – 3XL and also available in extra tall sizes.

Of course Bender is the face of Futurama and that means that any good t-shirt should have this robot on it.

Red is a fun color on you and even though it may not work with every piece of clothing in your closet it sure will be looking stunning on a pair of jeans. And if red is not you color then it is good to know that it comes in different colors too.

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buy Futurama Bender Hat

Futurama Bender Hat

Futurama Bender Hat

Is Bender your favorite robot?

If so then this is the hat you want to wear on a cold day.

This is a knit Futurama hat that looks like Bender with his big eyes and even the little antenna on top.

And this Bender winter hat is a one size fit most so kids or adults will love this hat.

So become a bit more like Bender by simply wearing this Futurama Bender Winter Hat.

buy Bender Lets Get Drunk T-Shirt

Bender Lets Get Drunk T-Shirt

Futurama Bender Lets Get Drunk T-Shirt.

Talk about Bender going on a bender!

This is a really cool and fun character from the hit animated television series Futurama, on the front of this t-shirt find Bender standing with a slouch and he is tipping back multiple bottles of beer at the same time with the saying “LETS GET DRUNK” surrounding him.

The Bender t-shirt is very comfortable and really durable as it is made from 100% cotton.

Put on this cool Futurama Bender Lets Get Drunk T-Shirt.