buy LEGO Pirates Of The Caribbean Video Game

LEGO Pirates Of The Caribbean Video Game

Lego Pirates of the Caribbean

Pirates of the Caribbean, a Disney series of awsome action packed movies. Now you can play scenes from your favorite of four movies in cool LEGO style Pirates of the Caribbean. With so many great levels and features, like exploration, combat, puzzels, free play and a really awsome Two-player Co-op mode. Test your Pirate skills on all levels with these extremly fun LEGO mini figures.

Also check out some unforgettable cut scenes done with LEGO mini figures acting out the scenes, definetly a must see.

The LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean video game is available on PS3, Nintendo Wii, XBox 360, Nintendo DS, Sony PSP, Windows PC, Nintendo 3DS.

Find your LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean Video Game.

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buy LEGO Queen Anne’s Revenge 4195

LEGO Queen Anne’s Revenge 4195

Blackbear's pirate ship the Queen Annes all in Lego
LEGO builders are like pirates. They buy a beautiful set and then they build it and take it apart and build something completely different, something they just want to do.

Now there is a special LEGO set out there based on the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. This piece is the Queen Anne’s Revenge is the ship of captain Blackbeard which, of course, is included as mini figure.

You need to build this ship out of the 1097 pieces and then you have a great looking pirate ship with big sails.

The ship even has working canons.

Included in this Pirates of the Caribbean LEGO set are 7 LEGO mini figures including Jack Sparrow and Blackbeard.

A pirate ship like ¬†Queen Anna’s Revenge will bring you many hours of building pleasure.

So LEGO builders united and go check out the LEGO Queen Anne’s Revenge 4195.


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