buy Anchorman Sex Panther T-Shirt

Anchorman Sex Panther T-Shirt

Anchorman Sex Panther T-Shirt

“They’ve done studies, you know. 60% of the time, it works every time.”

From the hit comedy movie Anchorman this is a classic quote said by Brian Fantana as he is talking to Ron Burgundy letting him know how awsome his cologne Sex Panther by Odeon really is.

This is a t-shirt that brings this all together, you will find a large picture of the Sex Panther logo and a large “Sex Panther” printed above. Aswell you will find the quote “60% of the time…it works everytime.” located underneath the logo.

Given a retro distressed look the Sex Panther t-shirt is made from 100% cotton this is a very comfy t-shirt and you can find it in many sizes.

Get your Anchorman Sex Panther T-Shirt.

buy Anchorman Sex Panther Cologne

Anchorman Sex Panther Cologne

It’s time you for you to step up to the desk and smell like a Sex Panther.

This tantalizing cologne is based after a classic hit comedy movie Anchorman, Brian Fantana is another character in the movie and is putting on some Sex Panther by Odeon cologne to impress.

This is not a joke cologne, it has a very nice smell and comes in a 1.7 oz limited edition bottle, which has a very special and cool a box that growls each time you open it!

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