buy Caillou Night Light

Caillou Night Light

Being all alone in a dark room at night can be scarry for the little once and that is why there are night lights.

This night light is special. It shows Caillou and some fun colorful stars and besides that it also has your kids name printed on it.
You order this light with the name on it (up to 9 characters) making it a special light for their room.

And this Caillou night light works on horizontal and vertical sockets because you can twist it.

And the light dome is not a cheap plastic that could melt no it’s made from thin porcelain giving out a gentle light and being much stronger then plastic.

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buy Caillou Play Time T-Shirt

Caillou Play Time T-Shirt

Caillou Play Time T-Shirt

Caillou loves to play and this kids t-shirt shows you how much.

On this white t-shirt you find a bunch of colord bands and on top of  that it says in big letters “Caillou” and then there is 5 pictures of Caillou while he is playing and having fun.

You can see Caillou run, catch butterflies, sing laugh and presentating this t-shirt.

All super fun for kids that like Caillou and that is why this t-shirt is availible in a wide selection of kids sizes.

Come check out this Caillou Play Time T-Shirt.

buy Caillou Set Sail Kids T-Shirt

Caillou Set Sail Kids T-Shirt

Caillou Set Sail T-Shirt for kids

There we have Caillou all dressed for a day at the water.

As you can see Caillou brought his sail boat to play with in the water. And yes the boat and Caillou sare in a square and then there is one that just says Caillou.

This all is printed on a light blue preshrunk 100% cotton t-shirt.

And this t-shirt is availible in a wide selection of kids and toddler sizes.

So if you know a kid that like Caillou then suprise them with this Caillou Set Sail T-Shirt.

buy Caillou And Gilbert T-Shirt

Caillou And Gilbert T-Shirt

Caillou And Gilbert T-Shirt

If your kids love Caillou then this t-shirt could be a really nice present for them.

This white t-shirt shows a big Caillou logo and ontop of that you see a picture Caillou and Gilbert the cat.

A t-shirt like this of course will get dirty easy as it is white but it also will look super cute.

The Caillou t-shirt is made from 100% preshrunk cotton and comes in a wide selection of toddler and kids sizes.

Suprise the kids with this fun Caillou And Gilbert T-Shirt.

buy Caillou Learning Wind-Up Train

Caillou Learning Wind-Up Train

All Aboard!!! It’s time to grow, learn and most importantly have fun with Caillou.

A wind-up train that features 2 character figures (Caillou and Rosie) that move up and down when the train is moving, the bell sounds like a baby rattle and also the smoke coming out is very soft and when squeezed makes a noise.

This is a really great way to improve motor skills, coordination and learn, with so many more features on this Caillou wind-up train the characters look just like the one on the famous TV show Caillou.

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buy Caillou Alphabet Wooden Puzzle

Caillou Alphabet Wooden Puzzle

This childrens puzzle is a fun way to learn shapes and the alphabet.

And to keep the kids engaged they got the help from Caillou as he is so popular with the little once.

Of course you can find Caillou and other characters and gadgets from his stories back on the picture of this puzzle.

The puzzle is made from wood and is 21 pieces and great for kids 3+.

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buy Caillou 14″ Doll

Caillou 14″ Doll

There is Caillou the friendly kid that your kids love to watch on TV.

Now they can play with Caillou as this is a 14″ tall doll that is just like the real Caillou.
Includding he baseball cap, red shoes, blue pants and yellow shirt.

And the clothes are removable and made from durable polyester.

If you kid or grandkid loves Caillou then they will love this fun doll.

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buy Caillou Edible Cake Topper Image

Caillou Edible Cake Topper Image

Caillou Edible Cake Topper Image

Having a hard time finding a Caillou cake?

No worries now you can make your own Caillou cake with this edible cake topper image.

Just place the image on a standard store bought cake or it also works great on a cake you bake yourself.

You just stick the image on your cake and maybe decorate around it to make it blend but an image like this will work find on a default cake.

Come and prepare for the Caillou party with this Caillou Edible Cake Topper Image.

buy Caillou Running Red T-Shirt

Caillou Running Red T-Shirt

Do you know a little kid that loves Caillou?

Sure you do and for that kid they specially made this red Caillou t-shirt.

Besides having a picture of a running Caillou the t-shirt also gets a name printed on it (no extra cost).
So you Caillou loving kid can have it’s own personal Caillou t-shirt.

Everyone wants to be friends with Caillou and if your name is on the Caillou t-shirt that should mean that you are best of friends.

The t-shirt is made from 100% cotton and is red with a big picture of a running Caillou on it.
You can print a name up to 9 characters on the shirt.
And the Caillou t-shirt comes in sizes 2T all the way to 10/12.

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