buy Dora The Explorer Cookies

Dora The Explorer Cookies

A cookie a day keeps the doctor away that is what they saying should be if you believe kids.

And now they will try even harder to get a cookie.

This is a box of 24 Dora cookies and they are great for parties and play dates.

Each cookie is wrapped individually so that kids can even take them home from your party.

And these are shortbread cookies with sweet icing and the cookies are kosher and made in the USA.

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buy Winnie The Pooh Shortbread Cookies

Winnie The Pooh Shortbread Cookies

Winnie The Pooh Shortbread Cookies

Why have a party with boring cookies that you can find in any store?

What you can’t find anything that looks better.

Lucky for you we found these amazing Winnie the Pooh butter shortbread cookies.

These cookies are hand made with the finest ingriedients and all have an amazing picture of Winnie and his friends Tigger, Eeyore and Piglet on them.

Each cookies is about 2.5″ x 3.25″ and has a light sugar icing. And these cookies come in a box of a dozen cookies.

Come and see these amazing Winnie The Pooh Shortbread Cookies.

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