buy Cars 3 Arm Floaties

Cars 3 Arm Floaties

We all need to learn how to swim and thanks to these Cars 3 arm floaties kids can do that with their favorite movie characters on their arms.

These arm floats are made for kids ages 3+ and have both Lightning McQueen and Cruz Ramirez on them and that will be so cool to have around your arms.

The cars arm floats are easy to inflate and will keep your child above water.

And in case one ends up getting a hole they even included a repair kit so that you child can keep enjoying them for a long time.

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buy Cars Cruz Ramirez Figurine

Cars Cruz Ramirez Figurine

We all know that Lightning McQueen is getting a bit older and is not racing so great anymore but luckily he has Cruz Ramirez to train him back to shape.

And you can own a figurine of Cruz Ramirez.

This is a Pop! figurine made by Funko and it numbered 284 on the box.

The figurine shows the yellow car complete with the number 51 on the side and some Dinoco advertisement.

And unlike most Pop! figurines this one is rated ages 3+ so even kids can collect them and maybe even play with them.

Support Lightning in his quest back to the top and that will start with adding Cruz Ramirez to your collection.

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