buy Mike Wazowski Eraser

Mike Wazowski Eraser

If you want to erase your mistakes then you have to check out this Monsters University Mike Wazowski eraser.

And this eraser is not just a boring eraser as it is shaped like Mike Wazowski while he is wearing a Monster University hat.

The Monsters Inc. eraser is not just a tiny eraser, this is a green jumbo eraser that measures 4 1/2 x 3 3/4 inches.

Now you can have a cool Mike Wazowski eraser for back to school and for in the office.

Monsters Inc. and Monsters University won’t be forgotten especially if your have this item in your pencil case.

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buy Harry Potter Eraser Set

Harry Potter Eraser Set

If you are looking for a nice eraser and you like Harry Potter then you are in luck with this eraser set.

The set includes 3 erasers and all are all about the story of Harry Potter. One eraser looks like the wax seal of Hogwarts that Harry got on his acceptance letter to Hogwarts. Then there is an eraser that looks like the Sorting Hat and the last one is of the crest of Gryffindor the house that the hat picked for Harry Potter.

So now you can have the perfect eraser for at home, school, and the office and they will all make you dream away to the amazing stories of Harry and his friends.

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buy Zootopia It’s A Hustle Activity Book

Zootopia It’s A Hustle Activity Book

Now there is an activity book perfect for kids that like animals that do things.

This activity book is based on the Disney movie Zootopia and has Judy Hopps right on the front in her police uniform.

Inside this 48 pages book you will find puzzles, games, coloring and much more. And to make the Zootopia book even better they even included two erasers based on of two characters Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde.

A fun activity book like this is great for keeping the kids busy while doing things they can learn from and that of course is great for both you and your child.

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buy Adventure Time Creative Activity Tins

Adventure Time Creative Activity Tins

If you love the animated television series of Adventure Time then this is the perfect desk accessory  and carry case to hold your desk related items.

These Adventure Time activity tins each have there own design, one of Jake and one of Finn also included inside of each tin are a character eraser that stands up, a character pencil and an Adventure Time sheet of stickers.

You can buy the Jake tin or Finn tin separately or get them in a set coming with each tin, each tin measures approximately: 2.75″ diameter x 6″ tall.

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buy The Hunger Games District 12 Stationary Set

The Hunger Games District 12 Stationary Set

The Hunger Games Stationary Set

Getting ready to go back to school or the office with a fresh set of supplies?

Then you should have a look at this supply set based on Katniss and Peeta from The Hunger Games.

This set has two pencils with pictures of Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark on it then there are two erasers, pencil sharpener, folding ruler and a button.
A perfect set for school and all with picture of Katniss, Peeta or District 12 on them.

So prepare for school by ordering your own The Hunger Games Katniss & Peeta District 12 Stationary Set.

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buy Hello Kitty Eraser

Hello Kitty Eraser

Hello Kitty face eraser

How about a fun Hello Kitty eraser?

These Hello Kitty erasers have Hello Kitty’s face on them and come in 4 colors pink, yellow, lime green and hot pink. They come as a set of 12 and that makes them a great party favor for the kids.

Besides being great as favorts they of course are great for school to and a pack of 12 will last a while.

Come check out these fun Hello Kitty Erasers.

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