Fringe Women’s Tank Top

Fringe Women's Tank Top

Fringe is an awsome crime investigation televsion drama, very popular so you will definetly get some excitement over this tank top.

A Quote from Walter Bishop, a scientific researcher on the show Fringe once said this amazing and true quote “Only those who risk going too far, find out how far they can go”, this is the quote you will find printed on the front of this tank top in fancy writting.

This Fringe Quote tank top is made of 100% combed ring spun cotton and is fitted for comfort and style and comes in many different sizes.

Find your Fringe Quote Women’s Tank Top.


Fringe Poster

Fringe special case poster

Another Fringe poster you just want to have and this one beside the picture says “New Cases Endless Impossibilities FRINGE”

And the picture is really nice with Olivia Dunham on the front with a flash light and Peter and Walter Bishop in the  background and even further away you see a city skyline.

That the scene seem to be in the  dark makes it real special for me and I would definitely add this poster to my Fringe collection.

Search no further you found your Fringe Poster.

buy Fringe Coaster Set

Fringe Coaster Set

Party all you want without having to worry about a dirty table because these Fringe coaster will keep it all clean.

This set of 4 different coaster all show one different symbol from the Fringe TV series.

The 4 glyphs used are:

  • Frog
  • Hand
  • Seahorse
  • Flower

And of course to make the Glyphs stand out the background is kept dark. Beside the glyphs there is of course the Fringe logo to.

The coasters are laminated and have a non slip back and they will keep a long time.

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buy Fringe Logo Mousepad

Fringe Logo Mousepad

Fringe fans now how difficult it is to get some great merchandise from the favorite TV show. We at THLOG try to help you find the best merchandise out there.

Now we run into this exclusive Fringe logo mousepad.

A nice black mousepad with the words “Fringe imagine the impossibilities” just like you are used to.

Of course this is a high quality mousepad with a foam back so that it keeps in place nicely while using it.

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buy Fringe Graphic Novel

Fringe Graphic Novel

So you love the hit television series on Fox TV, Fringe. Check out this Fringe graphic novel, where you can follow the “fringe sciences” just like on the television series. This is a great conversational piece to have in your book collection and it will give you some more insight about the first studies of the scientists on the TV series Fringe.

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buy Fringe Symbols Mug

Fringe Symbols Mug

Fringe mug with 5 of the symbols on it

Now you can start you day with a mug of fresh coffee. But this is not just any old mug no this is a Fringe mug.

This mug shows 5 symbols like we see them in the TV series.

The mug show the following Glyphs

  • apple
  • frog
  • flower / daisy
  • seahorse
  • leaf

And this whole set of symbols makes this Fringe mug look pretty neat.

Go have a 360 degree view of this Fringe Symbols Mug.