buy Harry Potter Lightning Bolt Glasses

Harry Potter Lightning Bolt Glasses

If you want to be Harry Potter then you know you need glasses and now there are Harry Potter lightning bolt glasses.

The glasses are perfect as part of you Halloween or cosplay outfit.

The Harry Potter glasses are made from plastic with plastic lenses and on the top of the right lens you can find the lightning bolt like the tattoo Harry Potter has on his head.

So now you just need your Hogwarts robe and put on these glasses and you are ready to be Harry Potter.

And as the lightning bolt is part of the glasses you don’t even put one on your forehead.

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buy Minion Goggles Glasses

Minion Goggles Glasses

Now you can look like a Minion by simply wearing these goggle glasses.

If you want to dress up like a Minion for Halloween or any other dress up occasion then of course you need these goggles that make you look like a two eyed Minion.

The goggles work just like normal glasses but have the big white rimms and some plastic see through glass to make it all look great.

And because these Minion goggles have glass in it you can also use them as safety glasses for a DIY project.

Make life more funny by wearing these some funny glasses like these.

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buy Patrick Star Glasses

Patrick Star Glasses

With the Spongebob movie we all found out that the characters of your favorite cartoon can come above water and be cool.

So now is the time to make people believe you are one of them.

These sunglasses will make you look like Patrick Star.

Yes they are pink and will look great on your face and make you head look a lot longer as the top of Patrick’s head will be added to yours. So Patrick’s eyes are just above the lenses and even the sides arms of the glasses look like body parts of Patrick Star.

Just wear these and walk around and maybe you run into Spongebob Squarepants himself.

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buy A Christmas Story Pink Bunny Hoodie

A Christmas Story Pink Bunny Hoodie

Yes this is a very cute bunny hoodie that many will love as soon as they see it, A Christmas Story is an embeded memory for most.

This hoodie is based after a pair of pink pajamas seen in the fun movie A Christmas Story that Ralphie was forced to wear, it is all pink and features two large floppy ears attached to the hood of the sweater.

It is available in a wide selection of sizes and has tighter double stitched cuffs and waist trim to help seal in the warmth, and this hoodie also comes with the Ralphie eyeglasses.

Such a great idea for halloween, costume parties or use it as your new comfy hoodie for any occasion.

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buy Captain America Silver Star Goggles

Captain America Silver Star Goggles

Captain America Silver Star Goggles

If you love the Marvel Avengers Superhero Captain America then this is a must have item to add to your collection, or the perfect addition to your Captain America Costume.

This is a really slick pair of goggles that are modeled after the Avengers Captain America, featuring shiny silver hard shells on the outside with a rugged feel and look as well as red padding for comfort around the eyes and an elastic to secure them tightly.

Also check out the lenses, they feature faded silver grey stars the symbol Captain America is most recognized for.

See the world like Captain America with the Captain America Silver Star Goggles.

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buy Luna Lovegood Spectrespecs

Luna Lovegood Spectrespecs

If you like to look like Luna Lovegood does in the Harry Potter movies then you just need to get a pair of the Spectrespecs.

These glasses of course filer UV and would look awesome on you on the beach or maybe just for a Harry Potter Party.

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