buy Big Hero 6 Girl Power T-Shirt

Big Hero 6 Girl Power T-Shirt

Disney Big Hero 6 Girl Power T-Shirt for kids

Girls like Disney superhero’s to and that is why there is this kids t-shirt.

This t-shirt has purple stripes and then in the middle you can see the skyline of San Fransokyo and in front of that you can find the two girls from Hiro’s team Honey Lemon and GoGo Tomago.

A t-shirt like this is perfect for the girls that liked the Big Hero 6 movie and now they can find the perfect kids t-shirt just for them.

This t-shirt is made from 60% organic cotton and 40 polyester and even has sparkles on it and who doesn’t like sparkles.

You can get this Big Hero 6 t-shirt in sizes 2 – 14 so that many kids can enjoy it.

Do not wait any longer just come get your Big Hero 6 Girl Power kids T-Shirt.

buy Big Hero 6 GoGo Tomago Binder

Big Hero 6 GoGo Tomago Binder

Disney Big Hero 6 GoGo Tomago Avery Binder

This binder is made by Avery and is great for work and school specially because it is a Big Hero 6 binder.

On the front and back of this binder you can find GoGo Tomago on of the friends of Hiro and she is dress in her super suit complete with maglev discs.

Just imagine going to school with this cool binder, everyone will look at it and want one to.

This Big Hero 6 binder has 3 rings and is available in 3 different spine sizes and two different type of rings. All that of course mean that you can get the perfect binder for you needs but all with GoGo Tomago on it.

Don’t hesitate just come and get your Disney Big Hero 6 GoGo Tomago Avery Binder.