buy Green Lantern iPhone 5 Case

Green Lantern iPhone 5 Case

Hal Jordan Green Lantern iPhone 5 Case

Your new iPhone 5 can use some superhero protection and that is why we show you this iPhone case.

This case is made by Case-Mate and is mainly green and besides that you see Hal Jordan as the Green Lantern showing his ring and it’s powers.

Of course as a good case should this also keeps the ports and buttons availible for use while protecting your phone from harm.

So if you like the Green Lantern and your iPhone then come and get this Green Lantern iPhone 5 Case.

buy Green Lantern Hal Jordan Mimobot USB Flash Drive

Green Lantern Hal Jordan Mimobot USB Flash Drive

Green Lantern Hal Jordan Mimobot USB Flash Drive

DC Comics collectors will love this flash drive of Hal Jordan.

This Green Lantern USB flash drive looks like Hal Jordan as the Green Lantern and even contains special Green Lantern content like wall papers, icons and more.

And of course you can use this USB flash drive to store you own data on to.

This mimobot version of the Green Lantern can hold up to 4GB of data and is a USB 2.0 flash drive.

A true Green Lantern fan will love this thumb drive to store it’s school, work and fun data on.

So are you a true fan? If so come check out this Green Lantern Mimobot USB Flash Drive.

buy Green Lantern Wall Decal

Green Lantern Wall Decal

Green Lantern Giant Wall Decal

If you love the DC comics superhero the Green Lantern then you will absolutely need to add this to your wall.

This Green Lantern giant wall decal is a cool way to show that the Green Lantern is you favorite superhero, this wall decal is so big it will be like bringing the actuall Green Lantern to life right in your very own room, with his glowing ring and superhero take off position.

This Green Lantern wall decal is fully removeable and repositionable and when completely assembled this huge Green Lantern measures in at about 68″ x 21″.

Get your Green Lantern Giant Wall Decal.

buy Jumbo Print Green Lantern T-Shirt

Jumbo Print Green Lantern T-Shirt

jumbo print t-shirt in Green with the green lantern on it

If you want a t-shirt that is just all about the Green Lantern then this is the one.

The shirt has Green lantern spelled out from sleeve to sleeve and then a HUGE print of Hall Jordan as the Green Lantern in the middle or maybe it’s easier to say the rest of the shirt.

This is not a boring t-shirt with a print this t-shirt is almost to busy because of all the print.

You must have to get a better view of this Green Lantern Jumbo Print T-Shirt.

Green Lantern Planet OA

Fisher-Price Imaginext Green Lantern Planet

Planet OA, the Green Lantern corps headquaters and a DC comics fortress for the Guardians of the Universe. You will really love this Fisher-Price Imaginext DC Super Friends Green Lantern Planet OA it has so much stuff packed into it. It comes with three action figures, Hal Jordan, Kilowog and Ch’p, aswell as a projectile launcher that lights up. The lantern lights up as well and doors open by turning an activation disk. The Imaginext Green Lantern Planet OA really is a fun way to recreate all of your favorite Green Lantern moments and it made by a name we all can trust Fisher-Price.

Order your Fisher Price Imaginext Green Lantern Planet.

buy Green Lantern Dog Tag

Green Lantern Dog Tag

Superhero’s are hard to find but it would be a lot easier if they would wear a dog tag.

This Dog Tag would be perfect for Hal Jordan aka the Green Lantern.

Of course finding Hal is difficult so maybe all the Green Lantern fans should wear one so that they could give one to Hal Jordan when they find him.

This dog tag has on one side the picture of Hal Jordan as Green Lantern and on the other side the Green Lantern logo.

The dog tag comes with a metal chain so that you can wear it as a necklace every day of the week.

Read More About The Green Lantern Dog Tag

Green Lantern Plush

Green Lantern Plush

DC comics brought us the Green Lantern, one of the favorite Superheroes amognst alot of us. This Green Lantern plush doll is a great addition to your DC comic collection and would be a great side kick for your little one to sleep with the super powers of this extremely soft Green Lantern plush doll. With good detail and awsome colors this plush doll stands about 7-inches tall.

Get your Green Lantern 7 inch Plush.

Green Lantern Mug

Hal Jordan Green Lantern mug

Enjoy a fresh warm drink out of this Green Lantern Mug.

On one side of this mug you find Hal Jordan in his Green Lantern clothing and on the other side it shows the logo with the words Green Lantern over them.

And of course this mug is green to so it fits well with the theme.

Go check out this Green Lantern Mug.

buy Green Lantern Pop! Vinyl Figure

Green Lantern Pop! Vinyl Figure

Green Lantern Pop! Vinyl Figure

Hal Jordan, The Green Lantern is now a cool Pop! vinyl figure, what exactly does this mean. Well it means that the cool people from funko have made the Superhero Green Lantern into more than just a comic Superhero, he is now an adoradle finely detailed vinyl figure with a cute little smile. This is definetly a fun way to show your love for The Green Lantern and it will look great with your collection or on the desk top.

Get your Green Lantern Movie Pop! Vinyl Figure.