buy House M.D. 2013 Wall Calendar

House M.D. 2013 Wall Calendar

House MD calendar 2013

We all loved to stories of the TV series House M.D. and now that the series came to and end not much is left for us to enjoy.

But at least there is a 2013 wall calendar with of course Gregory House and Willson and many others of the House cast members.

This calendar will in 12 months tell you all about House and his staff.

Come check out the House M.D. Wall Calendar 2013.

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buy House M.D. Magnet Set

House M.D. Magnet Set

Gregory House is famous for his amazingly rude one liners and now you can own some.

This set has for one those quotes on magnets so that you can hang them on your fridge.

The magnet set has the following sayings:

  • Everybody lies
  • Why doesn’t matter
  • Hope is for sissies
  • Normal’s not normal

With fun magnet like these you can smile every time and think of House.

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buy Gregory House Caduceus T-Shirt

Gregory House Caduceus T-Shirt

House MD fans will love this t-shirt.

This t-shirt shows Dr. House captured in a Caduceus symbol (the symbole of medicine) the two serpent snakes are wrapped around Gregory House’s body and the wings alsmost make him look like a strange angel.

Ans below this amazing picture of house it also has the House MD logo.

I don’t think there is any better t-shirt that shows of Doctor House like this one.

And this t-shirt of House comes in a wide range of colors and different styles for men and women.


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buy I Heart House T-Shirt

I Heart House T-Shirt

If you are like me a House watcher then you know that Doctor Gregory House is a little bit strange.

And that is what you can expect from this t-shirt.

This t-shirt shows Doctor House holding a heart in his hands and around that there is a letter I and the word House so that makes it “I heart House” only then not with the usual heart shape now there is and actual heart.

So maybe this is the time to get your House merchandise starting.

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House M.D. Logo Script T-shirt

House M.D. Logo Script T-shirt

House, M.D. an awsome television medical drama is sometimes best when simple, just like this t-shirt. This House t-shirt features a faded retro logo “HOUSE M D” on the front and an excerpt from one of the episodes on the back which reads as follows:

If you’re dying, suddenly everybody
loves you.

You have a cane, nobody even likes

I’m not terminal, merely pathetic,
you wouldn’t believe the crap people
let me get away with.

Made from 100% lightweight cotton this House, M.D. t-shirt is super comfortable.

Get your House M.D. Logo Script T-shirt.

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Lisa Cuddy T-Shirt

Lisa Cuddy from House t-shirt

The love hate realtionship between Gregory House and Lisa Cuddy always made us watch House.

And now there is a women’s t-shirt with a picture of Cuddy on it and the words “My Building, My Floor, My People!”.

We all know that House would just do what House does but Cuddy is the only one that keeps trying to get him to listen and don’t go to radical the wrong way.

Now is the time to wear your own Lisa Cuddy T-Shirt.

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I Was Deluded Into Thinking I Might Be Crazy T-Shirt

Great funny t-shirt of House md

This t-shirt is based on the House TV series and shows doctor Gregory House next tot the words “I was deluded into thinking i might be crazy” and you have to admit you wonderd about the sanity of House once or twice.

A great item to own as it is so clearly one of those one liners House  comes up with.

So if you like the TV series House MD then why wait?

Just go and get your own House, I Was Deluded Into Thinking I Might Be Crazy T-Shirt.

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House Everybody Lies T-Shirt

House MD everybody lies t-shirt

This t-shirt shows you a picture of Doctor Gregory House from the famous TV series House MD.

Below the picuture of House you see the words “Everybody Lies” and behind house you find all kind of words related to the show and this t-shirt is made for season 8 so that means you will find some of the names of the current members of Houses team.

If you want to a great looking House t-shirt then you have to check out this House MD Everybody Lies T-Shirt.

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buy House M.D. 2012 Calendar

House M.D. 2012 Calendar

You favorite TV show is of course House.

And to make that clear to the world you just want to have your own House 2012 wall calendar with all kinds of amazing pictures based on your favorite TV show.

Like this picture of Gregory House that make him look like a really scary clown.

Read More About The House M.D. 2012 Calendar

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House Poster

House md poster of cast hanging over you

If you like the hit TV series House (and who doesn’t) then you are gone love this poster.

This poster shows the original cast of house hanging above a patient. I guess if you look at it like this then the patient is YOU.

Wouldn’t it be fun having this poster hanging on the ceiling above your bed and then when you wake up in the morning your think you ended up in the hospital and House is your doctor.

But if you don’t want to go this extreme it still is a great poster to have.

Check out this super House M.D. Poster.

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