The Golden Gun Replica

James Bond 007 The Golden Gun Replica

This is a prop replica of the golden gun used in the James Bond movie “The Man With The Golden Gun”.

This gun was used by Francisco Scaramanga to try to kill James Bond.
Of course James Bond survived but the gun is something that kept us all dreaming.

Now you can own a golden gun like Francisco Scaramanga used.

The gun like the one in the movie comes apart in comments parts. There is the fountain pen that becomes the barrel, there is a cufflinks that becomes the guns trigger, A golden cigarette case becomes the handle and the lighter becomes the main guns body.

All these parts are 18kt gold plated and this whole gun comes with display case to show you special possession.

The Golden Gun is something only a real James Bond fan can appriciate so if you are that person then you should see it.

So don’t wait and come have a better look at this James Bond 007 The Golden Gun Replica.


James Bond 007 Window Decal

James Bond 007 Window Decal

James Bond is back and now you can show the world that our favorite secret agent is back with this window decal for your car.

Of course you don’t have to have a car to use this decal you can use it on other things to like maybe you laptop or you bike.

This decal shows 007 and the 7 becomes a gun.

You can get this 007 decal in white, grey, red or black.

Get ready to decorate with this James Bond 007 Decal.

buy Bond Cars & Vehicles Book

Bond Cars & Vehicles Book

007 James Bond all the cars and vehicles from the 007 movies are in this book.

James Bond always has those great cars and all boys love those cars. My favorite is the Austin Martin DB5 but I like others to 😉

Now you can enjoy hours of reading fun with this book that has 144 pages of James Bond cars and vehicles.

A great gift for any guy so if you don’t know what to give someone who has everything then you just found it.

Search no further and enjoy this Bond Cars & Vehicles Book.


Ultimate James Bond Monopoly

007 collectors edition monopoly

Now you can own a collectors edition Monopoly of nothing less then James Bond. And what makes it so special you wonder?

You can customize this Monopoly game you play so that you have different locations as you friends on their game.

It comes with 6 golden pewter tokens that all bring back memories of the 007 movies. Like a poker chip from Casino Royal or an Octopus.

This is real a once of a lifetime opportunity to get this special James Bond Monopoly


James Bond 007 Quantum of Solace Slot Car Race Track


Scalextric 1:32 Digital James Bond 007 Quantum of Solace Slot Car Race Track Set C1222T

We guys love the James Bond movies because of the action specially the action with the fast cars.

Now you can enjoy driving you own Austin Martin from the movie Quantum of Solace from the comfort of you own home.

Scalextric Digital now offers a racetrack with two cars the Austin Martin DBS and the Alfa Romeo 159 as they where used in this James Bond movie. The set comes complete with 22 feet of track and everything else you need to race like 007 would.

Check out the Scalextric James Bond 007 Quantum of Solace Race Trackand race if your life depends on it!