buy Jaws License Plate Frame

Jaws License Plate Frame

Dress up your car with this Jaws License Plate Frame.

If you are a big Jaws fan and you want others to know then put this license plate frame on your can because then people behind you at the lights will know that you are.

The frame is red and chrome with on top the Jaws logo and on the bottom part the famous line from the movie “You’re gone need a bigger boat”.

Most cars have the boring license plate frames the car came with but you can be special because you are a fan of Jaws and that mans this frame can be on your car.

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buy Classic Jaws Dark Themed T-Shirt

Classic Jaws Dark Themed T-Shirt

Now there is this Classic Jaws Dark Themed T-Shirt.

If you want a Jaws t-shirt then you will notice the classic movie poster design anywhere but this one is way cooler.

Sure this t-shirt shows the movie poster but it has a black and white design with only some color in the big shark giving it all a real dark feel which looks really cool.

You can get this Jaws t-shirt in sizes XSmall – 2XL and they look great on both men and women. If you like the design but not the shirt then click on the picture as the same design is available on different pieces of clothing including hoodies and tank tops.

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buy Jaws Shark Throw Pillow

Jaws Shark Throw Pillow

Now you can keep your very own Jaws shark at home, on your couch or bed with this Jaws Shark throw pillow.

This is a throw pillow that is based after the popular movie of Jaws. Find an all water blue pillow that features a large shark head and a mouth full of teeth. This looks just like the movie poster for Jaws.

With an all over print front and back this pillow is available in 5 different throw pillow sizes. It features a zipper closure that is concealed and you can purchase the cover only or the cover and insert.

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buy Jaws Amity Police Badge

Jaws Amity Police Badge

Now you can get your own Jaws Amity Police Badge that will be look great on your clothing.

Clothing patches are a great way to decorate anything boring and make it cool and if you are a Jaws fan then you just know you need this patch.

This patch is blue with gold details and it is like pie shape that says “Amity Police” on it and this is the badge that Martin Brody has on his police uniform.

A cool Jaws patch like this is great for on your clothing like pants or jackets but it will look great on a backpack or even a baseball cap.

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buy Jaws Movie Poster A Line Dress

Jaws Movie Poster A Line Dress

Jaws is a well-known movie about a terrorizing shark, now you can show off your shark love with a cute A-Line dress.

Featured on this dress is a collage print of the famous Jaws movie poster printed front and back. The movie poster has a scene where there is swimmer across the top of the water and just below is a giant shark named Jaws just about to break the surface with a wide-open mouth.

Available in a wide variety of women’s loose fitted sizes that will range from XS to 2XL. Made from the perfect blended material of 97% polyester and 3% elastane. The A-Line dress is loose fitting for a very comfortable dress that can be great for many occasions from casual to dressy.

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buy Quint’s Shark Fishing Cap

Quint’s Shark Fishing Cap

Jaws fans can now wear this Quint’s Shark Fishing Cap.

On the Jaws cap you can see the jaw print of a shark with a shark inside it and then around it you can find the text “Quint’s Shark Fishing Amity Island – The Orca”.

And this cap is adjustable in size and comes in colors black, natural, navy blue, and red.

Anyone that would like cool shark hat can now have one based on the classic Jaws movie.

If you are planning to go fishing on a boat then this hat would be perfect too as it shows other people on your boat that you know what it is to do some serious fishing.

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buy Women’s Quint’s Shark Fishing Panties

Women’s Quint’s Shark Fishing Panties

If you like Jaws and need some new underwear then you have to check out these women’s Quint’s Shark Fishing panties.

These Jaws panties comes in grey, black, and white and on the back on your bum it will have the picture of a great white shark and around it the text “est. 1975 Quint’s Shark Fishing Amity Island”.

So now you can have Jaws close by just wearing some fun women’s underwear.

And you can get these Jaws panties in women’s sizes Small – XL and is made from 90% cotton and 10% spandex.

Besides remembering about Jaws these panties are great to wear on Shark Week too.

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buy Negative Jaws Shark T-Shirt

Negative Jaws Shark T-Shirt

If you like sharks then check out this negative Jaws shark t-shirt.

The t-shirt is cream in color and made from preshrunk cotton and comes in men’s sizes Small – 5XL.

On the shirt you can see a square with in the square the word “Jaws” with below it the big shark coming from the water just like in the movie. Only this time the picture looks like a photo negative which gives it a really cool look.

So if you like a shark on your t-shirt to be ready for Shark Week and you like classic movies then this is what you should wear.

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buy Jaws Survival Kit T-Shirt

Jaws Survival Kit T-Shirt

Now there is a Jaws survival kit t-shirt and you need to see it if you are afraid of a shark attack.

The Jaws t-shirt comes in men’s sizes Small – 5XL and is made from preshrunk cotton and I think it could be cool on women too.

On the t-shirt you can see the text Jaws shark attack survival kit and below it you can see images of many items like a a gun, cage, and a boat but you will need a bigger boat and below the pictures it has a list in text so that everyone will know what you need to be ready for a shark attack in Jaws style.

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buy Jaws You’re Gonna Need A Bigger Boat T-Shirt

Jaws You’re Gonna Need A Bigger Boat T-Shirt

Now there is a Jaws you’re gonna need a bigger boat t-shirt that is really what you want.

The t-shirt is light blue and shows the Jaws logo on top in red and below it, you can see the ocean with big waves and the famous boat from the movie and then below the water you can see Jaws and he is huge and ready to deal with that boat. And then below the image, it says “You’re Gonna Need A Bigger Boat”.

The Jaws t-shirt is made from preshrunk cotton and comes in men’s sizes Small – 2XL so that you can get the perfect fit for you.

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