TRON Light Cycle Hoodie

TRON Lightcycle Hoodie

TRON Light Cycle the futuristic two wheeled vehicle made for the simulated world of the TRON Universe.This cool vehicle can be found on the front of this TRON hoodie, which by the way is made for the earth universe.

This TRON Light Cycle hoodie is great to throw on and off easily and is super comfortable, made from a 10 oz. fleece blend (90% cotton/10% polyester) and has a large front pouch and draw strings for the hood, the cuffs and waistband are a heavy-weight 1×1 ribbing.

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Tron White Light Cycle Flash Drive

Tron White Light cycle 8GB flash drive

OK the picture is not great but just click on it to see how amazing this product is.

This is the white Light Cycle that Kevin Flynn uses in the Tron movie. But this is not just a Light Cycle no this is a 8GB flash drive that just looks like the Tron Light Cycle.

And besides this being an amazing looking flash drive it even offers more. This flash drive has light and sound effect from the real Light Drive as we seen it in the Tron movie.

I guess you thought that this was it but no it’s not because this flash drive comes with movie extra’s like wall papers, trailers and more.

So that is all and you have to admit this is pretty cool so wait no longer and go check out this Tron Kevin Flynn White Cycle 8 Flash Drive.

Light Cycle 4Gb Flash Drive

Wow this picture looks boring. But let that not trow you off because this is the light cycle from the Tron movies and when you plug it in to your USB port the wheels will light up in cool blue.

You can store 4GB of data on this Tron flash drive and because it looks like a light cycle you will have people staring at it all the time.

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