Dora 2 In 1 Light

This is one of those items we find that are so neat for the kids. This is a flashlight and a night light in one so that you kids are not scared in the dark any more. And this flashlight of course helps Dora to do all here exploring and now you can be part of that to.

This product does not need any batteries because it recharges it self when you plug it in to a power socker (with the inlcuded adapter).

Just use this Dora light as a flashlight and then when you put it on to a flat surface it automatically turns itself into a light / night light with a on off switch.

Have a closer look at this perfect for kids Dora The Explorer Light.

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Batman Neon Sign

If you like the dark then maybe you want the classic Batman logo to bring a little bit of light to that dark piece of you.

This neon sign will show beautifully in the dark. You should follow the link below and see how nice this Batman logo looks when on in the dark.

You can have this Batman sign just on a table or mount it on the wall so that it is ready for the dark.

Go see all the details about this Batman Neon Sign.

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Iron Man Arc Chest Light

Iron Man Arc Chest Light

Who doesn’t want to be like Iron Man?

Right everybody wants to be just like him and now you can own your own personal Arc that fits on all your shirts. Just clip it in the center of your favorite shirt and the magnet will keep it in place.

And the battle sounds and lights will make you so popular that you wished you got this years ago.

Check out the Iron Man Arc Chest Light

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buy Star Trek Transporter Lamp

Star Trek Transporter Lamp

If you are a Star Trek fan in search of a table top lamp then check out this Star Trek transporter lamp.

The lamp base shows the Transporter room and Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock, and Dr. McCoy are being beamed away. And the lamp shade shows the Starship Enterprise flying in a galaxy and all that together makes for a real unique piece a true Star Trek fan just needs to own.

And beside the light that is included with the lamp, even the base can light up to make the whole Star Trek experience visible.

So if you want a cool lamp on your desk, table, or nightstand then this Star Trek lamp could be the one.

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