buy Lost DHARMA Travel Mug

Lost DHARMA Travel Mug

Here we have a great looking travel mug for traveling or just at home. This mug has LOST printed on it but in the DHARMA pattern so that it becomes even more appealing to the Lost watchers.

The mug’s outer shell is ceramic and the inside is stainless steel and that makes this mug great for hot and cold drinks and makes it healthier then all the plastic mugs out there. Of course it will fit in you cup holder in your car so just take it to you favorite coffee place and let them put their coffee in it. By doing so you help the planet to with less garbage being created.

Go check out this cool Lost Ceramic DHARMA Travel Mug.


Sawyer’s Nicknames Wall Clock

Lost. It has finally Ended after six amazing seasons of keeping you on the edge of your seat. Every body remembers Sawyer, the pro con-man with a nickname or twenty, for everyone he ran into. Now you can display all of them on this cool clock with all of Sawyer’s nicknames for other characters from the show.

Find your Sawyer’s Nicknames Wall Clock.


Lost Milk Carton T-Shirt

So your a big Lost fan, and your wondering about the milk carton. Well yes the milk carton did not appear on the show but if you are a BIG Lost fan then you will definetly appreciate the humor in this T-shirt. Flight 815 as the missing item on the carton, clever and anyway how did they wash down the DI 9FFTR731 cereal.

Get your Lost Milk Carton T-Shirt.


Lost: The Complete Collection

Television doesn’t get any better than this.

So yo are a big Lost fan, or a huge Lost fan, either way you need to get this amazing loaded box set. Lost: The Complete Collection, featuring every episode of all six seasons and includes one full disc of never-before-seen bonus with over two hours of content exclusive to the complete collection. This set also includes:

• Special edition collectible Senet game as seen in Season 6
• Custom LOST island replica
• Exclusive episode guide
• Collectible ankh
• Black light

Find your Lost: The Complete Collection.

buy Lost Figurine Sun

Lost Figurine Sun

Are you a Lost collector?

Here is a stunning figurine of Sun, taking in the sun. With this item you also get a full size replica of Sun’s boarding pass for Oceanic flight 815. This exact reproduction of the Oceanic boarding pass sleeve is available for the first time exclusively from McFarlane Toys! Also this figurine has awsome sayings from Sun like,  “Have you never lied to a man you’ve loved?” “I was going to leave you….. I was going to get away,” – “My wedding ring … it’s gone!” – Spoken in Korean: “I’m not saying you should go alone. I’m coming with you.”

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