buy Mike Wazowski Sweater

Mike Wazowski Sweater

This green sweatshirt will bring back memories about a curtain monster movie.

Yes this is Mike Wazowski the green monster from the movies Monsters Inc. and Monsters University.
Wearing this sweater will make any women into mike and that doesn’t have to be a bad thing.

This sweater is cute and shows Mike one big eye and his mouth is open.

And this women’s Mike Wazowski sweatshirt comes in all kind of sizes so that it will fit your perfectly when you hang out around town or where ever you want to wear this cool sweater to.

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buy Monsters Inc. Sulley And Boo Cookie Jar

Monsters Inc. Sulley And Boo Cookie Jar

Monsters Inc. Sulley And Boo Cookie Jar

We all love cookies but do you dare eating them out of a cookie jar that looks like a monster?

OK the cookie jar looks like Sulley from Monsters Inc. so yes I would dare to take a cookie.

The cookie Jar is shaped like Sulley with his fun color and purple spots and on his back you can see Boo and she is actually the handle of the lid of the cookie jar.

This is a ceramic cookie jar made by Westland Giftware witch is known for their amazing cookie jars.

If you are looking for the perfect cookie jar then you have to check out this Monsters Inc. Sulley And Boo Cookie Jar.

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buy Mike Wazowski Bath Mitt

Mike Wazowski Bath Mitt

Monsters University Mike Wazowski Bath Mitt

Bath time will be so much fun with a Disney bath mitt like this one of Mike Wazowski.

This Mike Wazowski bath mit looks just like Mike complete with his one huge eye and everything.

Not only is it great to wash the kids with this bath mitt you can also have fun with it while the kids are playing in the bath.
Mike love to be a little puppet that washes the kids.

This Monsters Inc. bath mitt is made from 100% cotton and even went with Mike to the Monsters University.

Surprise your kid with this Monsters University Mike Wazowski Bath Mitt.

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buy Sulley Costume Hoodie

Sulley Costume Hoodie

Do people think you are a monster?

If they do then why not dress like one. This costume hoodie will make you like the big furry monster Sulley from the Monsters inc. movies.

This adult sized hoodie comes in sizes Small – 2XL and makes you look like a real fun monster.

The Sulley hoodie has of course Sulley’s color and even the purple spots are there on the sleeves and the back.
On the hood there you find Sulley’s little horns and a bit of fluff and the hood has a build in mask to to make you look as cute as Sulley did in the Monsters University movie.

You can wear this hoodie as an easy costume for Halloween or the rest of the year as a fun hoodie for everyday.

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buy Mike Wazowski Dust Plug

Mike Wazowski Dust Plug

Monster University Mike Wazowski Dust Plug

Now you can protect your headphone jack from dust with this Monsters University dust plug.

And this dust plus looks just like Mike Wazowski the green monster with one huge eye.

Mike comes in a pack of two so that you can share your dust plug with a friend who also likes Monsters inc.

It’s really easy to install a dust plug, just plug it in like you do you headphones and you are good to go.

And not only do they keep the dust out they also make you phone look more fun.
Just imagine Mike sticking out of you phone.

You should come have a closer look at this Monsters University Mike Wazowski Dust Plug Set.

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buy Mike And Sulley Christmas Ornament

Mike And Sulley Christmas Ornament

Don’t you think that your Christmas tree will be more fun if you have some monsters in them?

Of course only monsters we like.

This ornament  is a glass globe that is open on one side and has snow flakes on them. In the globe there is snow and on the snow you can see the monsters Mike Wazowski and Sulley both wearing Christmas items to fit in to the holiday spirit.

With the monsters Inc. and Monsters University stars in your tree Christmas will be so much more fun.

And every time you see Mike dressed up as a reindeer you will smile.

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buy Sulley Kids Costume

Sulley Kids Costume

Is your kid ready to look like a real monster?

This costume will make it change into Sulley the monster from Monsters Inc and Monsters University.

The costume of Sulley has everything you need it completely covers your kid only keeping the face out.
Sulley has a tail and claws and of course all in the blue Sulley color with purple spots.

The Monsters Inc. Sulley Halloween costume comes in many toddler and kids sizes.

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buy Mike Wazowski Toddler Costume

Mike Wazowski Toddler Costume

Does your little one enjoy the Monsters Inc and Monsters University movies?

If so then maybe they would love to be Mike Wazowski this Halloween.

This Mike Wazowski Costume is of course green complete with his big eye and smiling white teeth.
The Costume includes green jumpsuit and overlay and the Monster University hat.

Kids are gone love wearing this officially licensed Mike Wazowski costume and not just for Halloween but just to play around in too.

This Monsters University costume comes in sizes Large (4-6) and Medium (3T-4T)

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buy Monsters Inc. Sulley Paper Cups

Monsters Inc. Sulley Paper Cups

Monsters University Sulley Paper Cups

Kids love monsters and they probably like the Monsters Inc. and Monsters University movies to and if they do then they may want a fun monster party.

And for that party you need some party cups to drink out and now there are Sulley paper cups that have a closeup picture of Sulley’s head on it staring at you every sip you take.

Sulley the Monsters Inc. superstar will make you party even more fun then you thought it could be.

These 9oz Sulley cups come in a pack of 8 so that you and all your friends can enjoy drinking out of a Monsters University cup.

Come and check out these Monsters University Sulley Cups.

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buy Monsters University Napkins

Monsters University Napkins

Monsters inc party napkins

Your monster party needs napkins so what better then to get some Monsters University napkins.

These napkins have a blue theme and the logo of the Monsters University on it and the text “School of scaring”.

You get 16 of these fun paper napkins in a pack and that of course is perfect to wipe those dirty fingers that are covered in candy, cake and other sticky things.

You can get a while Monster University themed party and it all starts with these napkins.

Come and get prepared, come and order your Monsters University Napkins.

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