buy Platform 9 3/4 Clothing Patch

Platform 9 3/4 Clothing Patch

Harry Potter fans can now have this Platform 9 3/4 Clothing Patch.

Clothing patches are a great way to decorate clothing and other fabrics and it then becomes a really fun as it gets a message out.

This patch has says “Platform 9 3/4” and everyone that watched or read Harry Potter knows what that means and that makes it fun.

You can get this Harry Potter patch as a sew on, iron on, or with velcro back so that you can get the perfect patch for you.

Clothes, hats, and maybe your school bag all can become Harry Potter style all thanks to this Platform 9 3/4 patch.

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buy Platform 9 3/4 Button

Platform 9 3/4 Button

If you are a true Harry Potter fan then you are going to like this Platform 9 3/4 button.

This is the button you need to get access to the Hogwarts Express the train the drives Harry Potter to Hogwarts.

This fun round pin back button is white with a black edge and on it it simply says “9 3/4” and that will make it clear to all the Harry Potter fans that you are one of them.

A nice button like this will look great on your clothing, bags, jacket, or maybe a baseball cap.

So be ready for a ride on the train by adding this button to your clothing.

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