buy Pikachu Watch

Pikachu Watch

Now there is this Pikachu Watch that is made to make Pokemon fans being on time.

The Pokemon wrist watch has a black band and a silver watch that shows Pikachu on the watch face with a light blue background and then there is cover that fold over the clock and on the cover it has a Poke Ball and it spins making this watch also kind of a fidget spinner.

This Pikachu watch has a watch diameter of 36 mm making it not a watch for the smallest kids but kids and adults will love this watch and maybe help people be on time.

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buy Yellow Pikachu Mug

Yellow Pikachu Mug

Now Pokemon fans can enjoy their coffee from this Yellow Pikachu Mug.

This Pokemon mug is 20oz and dishwasher and microwave safe.

As you can see the mug is yellow and on both the front and the back you can find a black image of the back of Pikachu with his fun tail.

You can drink almost anything from this mug so you can use it all day long from your morning coffee to a sip of water at night.

If you are a Pokemon fan that likes a nice mug then this is the one. And you can use it at home and the office so check one out.

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buy Pikachu Hi-Top Sneakers

Pikachu Hi-Top Sneakers

Now you can get these Pikachu Hi-Top Sneakers that are just amazing for Pokemon fans like you.

You can get these Pokemon sneakers in adult sizes 6 – 12 and they are amazing for men and women.

The hi-top sneakers are all white with even white laces and soles but on the side of the shoes you can find a big image of Pikachu and the yellow creature really look perfect on these fun shoes.

No need to have boring shoes because Pokemon shoes are available to the world and looks so much nicer.

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buy Poke Ball Pet ID Tag

Poke Ball Pet ID Tag

Now there is this Poke Ball Pet ID Tag to make it perfect for Pokemon fans.

The pet tag is round just and has the the look of a Poke Ball on the front and on the back it can hold your information for if you pet ever gets lost.

You can also use this tag for yourself to mark your belonging like maybe your backpack or stuff for a small child so that it doesn’t get lost.

Either way this pet tag is great for anyone that loves Pokemon and yes even if you dog or cat love Pokemon they can use this tag.

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buy Pokemon Card Holder

Pokemon Card Holder

Now there is this Pokemon Card Holder that can also hold you coins.

This card holder has Pikachu on the back and Eevee on the front and there are also some flowers on it and even a little chain with more flowers on it. You can store 3 cards on the front and there is also room for coins by opening the zipper on the top so now you can have a small wallet that is easy to take as it does not take to much space.

So if you need to organize your cards and coins and you love Pokemon then this card holder is perfect for you.

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buy Pikachu St Patrick’s Day T-Shirt

Pikachu St Patrick’s Day T-Shirt

Pokemon fans get ready for March 17 by wearing this Pikachu St Patrick’s Day T-Shirt.

You can get this Pokemon St Patrick’s Day t-shirt in styles for both men and women and it comes in in lots of colors including a couple different greens and it also comes in sizes Small – 10XL.

On this t-shirt you can see the yellow Pikachu and he is wearing a big green hat like a leprechaun would and a white t-shirt with a shamrock on it and this Pokemon creature is also holding up a beer and it also says “Pika Pika” on it as that is something that just fits with Pikachu.

Lucky you this year Pokemon can be part of your St Patrick’s Day.

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buy Pikachu and Poke Ball Money Bank

Pikachu and Poke Ball Money Bank

Pokemon fan can now save some money all thanks to this Pikachu and Poke Ball Money Bank.

If you like to have a fun Pokemon item in your home then now you can get this ceramic piece that shows Pikachu sitting on top of a Poke Ball and the whole piece is 10 1/2 inches tall and has a coin slot on the top and on the bottom there is plug so that you can get your money out when it is full and ready to be deposit in your bank account.

Now loose coins in your pocket can have a home in your Pokemon coin bank and you have something fun to look at as it looks really nice on a shelve.

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buy Pikachu Wearing A Hat Suitcase Cover

Pikachu Wearing A Hat Suitcase Cover

Now you can have this Pikachu Wearing A Hat Suitcase Cover over your luggage and that makes it clear to the world that you like Pokemon.

A suitcase cover like this will fit snug over your suitcase while keeping your wheels and handles available but by being covered the main body is protected and it will be much more difficult for thieves to quickly get into your suitcase. You can get this Pokemon suitcase cover in different sizes to fit you suitcase perfectly.

On the suitcase cover you can find a big picture of Pikachu and the yellow creature is ready for a trip as it is already wearing a red hat.

I am sure that you will get smiles when people see you walking around with your suitcase with Pikachu on it.

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buy Pikachu Christmas Sweater

Pikachu Christmas Sweater

Pokemon fans can get ready for the holidays and wear this fun Pikachu Christmas sweater.

This Pokemon Christmas sweater comes in men’s sizes XSmall – 2XL and is made from 100% acrylic and I am sure will look nice on women too.

This Christmas sweater is red and black with lots of Christmas details of witch one is a big wreath on both the front and bat that has Pikachu inside it and even on the sleeves you can see Pikachu and they also say Pikachu all over this festive sweater.

So if you have a holiday party to go to and you want to play some Pokemon Go then you can do both while wearing this fun sweater.

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buy Pikachu Bodysuit Costume

Pikachu Bodysuit Costume

Now you can become a Pokemon all thanks to this women’s Pikachu Bodysuit Costume.

The bodysuit is yellow just like Pikachu and has a hood with the ears of the famous character on it and there is a tail on the back to make it all complete.

And as this is kind of a sexy costume they added a zipper on the front so that you can show the right amount of cleavage and the zipper pull is a Poke Ball to fit the theme.

And this women’s Pokemon costume is available in many sizes going from XSmall going all the way to 4XL.

Halloween or cosplay will be extra fun this year all thanks to this Pikachu costume.

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