buy Poppy Christmas Inflatable

Poppy Christmas Inflatable

If you like Christmas and the Trolls movie then you just need this Poppy Christmas inflatable.

This outdoor inflatable shows Poppy and she is wearing a fun blue dress that has snowflakes on it and it is holding a candy cane in her hand.

The Trolls inflatable is 5 feet tall when inflated and it will inflate in seconds by the build in fan and it has LED lights too so that people passing your home can see Poppy standing tall at night too.

Now your garden can be ready for Christmas Trolls style and I am sure that people will like it to see Poppy this holiday season.

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buy Trolls Poppy Pillow Pets

Trolls Poppy Pillow Pets

Now there is a Poppy Pillow Pet based on the movie Trolls.

Like every other Pillow Pets product this is a pillow and a pet/plush so in the day you can play with Poppy and when it is time to go to bed at night or time to nap then you turn Poppy into a pillow.

The Trolls Pillow Pet is rated ages 3+ and will be loved by kids and adults that like Poppy and her positive attitude.

Now you can have two in one as it is a plush of Poppy and a cool pillow and both are just perfect so a must have.

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buy Trolls Poppy Throw Blanket

Trolls Poppy Throw Blanket

Now there is a Trolls throw blanket that is super soft and fun.

The throw blanket is 40 x 50 inches and is silky soft and has bright colors.

On this blanket, you can find Poppy the famous girl troll from the Trolls movie.

Having a cool blanket like this is just perfect as you can use it to watch TV, play or even on the bed.

So if your child need a blanky and it likes the Trolls movie from Dreamworks then this is the blanket to get and I am sure that it will be used and loved a lot as it is just perfect.

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buy Trolls Poppy Water Bottle

Trolls Poppy Water Bottle

Now there is a Trolls water bottle with on it Queen Poppy.

The stainless steel water bottle comes in white but also in different colors and all shows a happy looking Poppy and she is ready to cheer you up with some fresh water from this bottle.

And you can get this Poppy water bottle in sizes 18 and 24 oz so that you get the size you need. The bottle is made from 18/8 stainless steel and is 100% BPA free. The black bottle cap has a loop in it and that makes it perfect if you like to hang it on your school bag.

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