buy Jumanji Ruby Roundhouse Poster

Jumanji Ruby Roundhouse Poster

Now there is this Jumanji Ruby Roundhouse Poster that will look great on a wall in your room.

This Jumanji poster is red with on a photo of Ruby and she says “I’ll Handle These Guys” as that is printed on the poster too and there is the Jumanji logo on it with some cool details we have seen in the movie.

You can get this Ruby Roundhouse poster in two sizes and you can even choose to get it framed in many different frames.

Ruby is one great looking girl and you can choose to have the Jumanji character hanging on your wall so that you can keep looking at her when ever you want.

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buy Jumanji Ruby Roundhouse Costume

Jumanji Ruby Roundhouse Costume

Jumanji fans will absolutely love this Ruby Roundhouse costume. Perfect for Halloween, costume parties or any event you like.

This costume is based after an outfit seen in the movie Jumanji: Welcome to the jungle starring Karen Gillan. In the Jumanji movie Karen is playing character named Martha who when enters the Jumanji game becomes Ruby Roundhouse.

The Ruby Roundhouse costume is a pair of short shorts with a utility bels and gloves without fingers. The top is a fitted t-shirt style burgundy crop top and comes with a vest.

Available in a wide range of sizes for Kids from 8 to 14. As well as a large variety of Women’s sizes that range from XS to 3XL. There is also a custom size option.

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