buy Metal Star Wars Shaker Bottle

Metal Star Wars Shaker Bottle

You can now take this Metal Star Wars Shaker Bottle for a workout because you need your shake ready for on the go.

And this BlenderBottle is made from stainless steel and is insulated to keep your shake cool for many hours so that you’re shake isn’t warm when you need it after a workout.

The shaker bottle is black and on it you can find the Star Wars logo and lots of fun details in the background.

So if you want to go working out more in style then this bottle for your shake or smoothy then this is great and it comes with a blender ball to mix your shakes up and is easy to clean.

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buy Metal Iron Man Shaker Bottle

Metal Iron Man Shaker Bottle

Now there is this Metal Iron Man Shaker Bottle made by the people from BlenderBottle.

If you take lots of protein shakes or other shakes and you feel a bit like a superhero then this is the perfect shaker bottle for you.

But this is not one of those plastic bottles that starts smelling after a while.

This shaker bottle is made from double walled stainless steel and that is great as it will not smell and will keep your drink at the right temperature for a long while.

And then the outside the BlenderBottle is black and on it you can see Iron Man and that makes this the great bottle for any fan of this Marvel character or for anyone that wants as amazing as him.

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buy Batman Logo Shaker Bottle

Batman Logo Shaker Bottle

If you make you shake every morning and could use some superhero power then you have to check out this Batman logo shaker bottle.

The black bottle is made by Blender Bottle and come with a mixing ball. The shaker bottle is black and has on it the famous hello Batman logo and also the spout clip and hanging loop are yellow so that the shaker looks really cool.

Your new shaking bottle is 28 ounce but there is a similar 32 ounce too if you like your protein shakes to be a bit bigger.

So shake like Batman and feel like a superhero after your shake.

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buy Deadpool Shaker Bottle

Deadpool Shaker Bottle

If you like to make shakes and superhero’s then check out this Deadpool shaker bottle.

The shaker bottle has a black color but is translucent with the Deadpool logo on it and the top is red and to make this an amazing shaker they added a spring center so that things like your protein powder mixes better with your water or juice.

And the Marvel shaker bottle is dishwasher safe so super easy to clean when you get back from your workout and making it easy to get ready for your next shake.

An officially licensed Deadpool bottle like this is great to own.

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