buy The Lion King Card Holder

The Lion King Card Holder

Now there is this fun The Lion King Card Holder.

If you just want to leave home with just a couple of cards with you then this card holder is what you want.

The card holder can hold 3 cards and Simba will be watching over it as it’s die cut lion head is watching out of the card holder and there are lots of leaves too and even and ladybug and this is just the front. On the back you can find more characters and more so click on the picture to see that.

Now Lion King fans like you can show the lion and have cards handy.

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buy The Lion King Backpack

The Lion King Backpack

Now there is a The Lion King Backpack that is great for school and adventures.

This Disney backpack is 16 x 12 x 4.5 inches making it the perfect size for almost anything. Young or old this Lion King backpack is perfect for all the fans.

The backpack has a dark background with on top many images of Simba and Pumbaa and also some leaves.

Inside the backpack has one big main compartment but there is also a smaller compartment on the outside of the bag.

A fun backpack like this with great adjustable straps is just perfect for a trip to the library, shopping, and even the gym.

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buy Simba Kids Costume

Simba Kids Costume

If your child like to be a Lion for Halloween then this Simba Kids Costume is what they need.

Now there is this Lion King costume that comes in many toddler and little kids sizes and includes everything you need besides maybe some shoes.

There is a yellow jumpsuit complete with a lions tail and there is a big Simba head too to make you look even more like the real Simba while keeping enough space to show you kids face making it easy for them to talk and see even when wearing the mask.

I am sure that your child will be an amazing lion as if they just came out of the Lion King.

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buy Funko Pop The Lion King Simba Figurine

Funko Pop The Lion King Simba Figurine

Simba, a name all Lion King fans know and mixing a classic Disney movie with Funko Pop! figure you have a fun collector’s item.

Simba is the main character in Disney’s The Lion King. This vinyl figure features a very cute young Simba that has an innocent look on his face and holding a grub trying to imagine eating it.

The Disney vinyl figure of Simba is number 496 of the Funko Pop! series and measures 2 1\2 inches x 2 1\2 inches x 3 3\4 inches.

Collect this Funko Pop! and display it without damaging it as it does come in a great looking window box.

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