buy Star Wars Black And White Stormtrooper

Star Wars Black And White Stormtrooper

Star Wars Black And White Stormtrooper Action Figure

Here we have two Star Wars action figures.
One is the normal Stormtrooper in white and the Black Shadow Stormtrooper.

Both action figures come in one package with included weapons so that they can protect the galaxy.

The Stormtroopers are 9.5cm tall and can move their arms and legs.

If you Star Wars collection does not have these two figures then you should order your own Star Wars Black And White Stormtrooper Action Figure.

buy R2-D2 Monument Statue

R2-D2 Monument Statue

One word says it all and that word is “WOW”.

A 3 feet tall R2-D2 droid based on the Star Wars: The Clone Wars series.

This handcrafted statue has amazing detail and you almost expect it to move and start doing the typical R2-D2 things but no this is just a statue but one that can’t be missing in any Star Wars collection as it is so special you just want to have one.

A robot like R2-D2 deserves the right scale and that is why this R2-D2 statue is scale 1:1 based on The Clone Wars version.

Each statue has a hand numbered edition plaque making it an even more desirable collectors item.

Put R2-D2 in your home or office it will be fun to have and look at.

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Star Wars The Clone Wars T-Shirt

Star Wars the Clone Wars Jedi Fighters t-shirt

This dark t-shirt (comes in different colors and styles) shows a Star Wars the Clone Wars logo and on top you see some colorful drawings of Jedi fighters ready to fight.

A great shirt for the real Star Wars or Clone Wars fans but even for everybody else who just wants to own a cool t-shirt.

It doesn’t matter if you are a male, female or kid there is a shirt for you with this print on it so you could even get one for the whole family.

Just go check out this Star Wars The Clone Wars Jedi T-Shirt.