buy The Office World’s Best Boss Mug

The Office World’s Best Boss Mug

Do you need the perfect mug for your hot beverages?

Check out this great mug, from the awsome and hillarious television series The Office. This mug features the company logo “Dunder Mifflin Paper Company” on one side of the mug, on the other side you will find “WORLD’S BEST BOSS”, this is a saying that Michael Scott the boss at the office would usally use…refering to him self.

Made of ceramic this mug is dishwasher safe and microwave safe.

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buy Dwight Schrute Head Shaped Mug

Dwight Schrute Head Shaped Mug

WOW a coffee mug in the shape of Dwight Schrute’s head.

That is a great gift for a real the office fan.

Dwight’s details on this mug are pretty good and that makes it so fun to own. And yes this mug is not just for decoration it is great to drink you coffee out of Dwight.

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buy Thats What She Said Magnet

Thats What She Said Magnet

Thats What She Said Magnet

The Office a television show that gives you a somewhat everyday look at office life. Lots of quirkry lines are said throughout the show on this magnet the saying of “That’s What She Said” may be one of the most frequently used and popular ones from the funny show The Office. Stick this magnet anywhere for lots of comments and laughs.

Get your Office: Thats What She Said Magnet.

buy Dwight Tee And Bobblehead

Dwight Tee And Bobblehead

Might of Dwight.

The Office a hillirious comedy about everyday office happenings, in The Office there is always a stand out character. This T-shirt and bobblehead are of Dwight Schrute, an office ass kisser is the best way to describe him. With classic lines he always has something off the wall to say or do, this T-shirt features his “do you have your tickets to the gun show” and it comes with a more serious bobblehead of Dwight.

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buy The Office Bumper Sticker

The Office Bumper Sticker

Micheal Scott the worlds best boss from the north American television series The Office has some pretty good catch phrases, but none better than his frequently used one “that’s what she said”. This line is so classic you can use it after almost anything somebody says and you can read into it as any context, usually a sexual reference though. Now get this catch phrase on this cool sticker and stick it where ever you want…… “that’s what she said”.

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buy The Office Dundie Award Trophy

The Office Dundie Award Trophy

The Office Dundie Award Trophy

The hillarious television show The Office had an episode called the Dundies, these were the annual awards for various non-important things around the office. This trophy features the worlds best boss him self (Michael Scott) chisled out in gold. Also comes with six interchangeable placards, Dundie Award, Fine Work Award, Dont’ Go In There After Me Award, Bushiest Beaver Award, Hottest In The Office Award, Whitest Sneakers Award.

Get your The Office Dundie Award.

buy Michael Scott Bobblehead

Michael Scott Bobblehead

The worlds best boss Michael Scott from The Office TV Series now available as Bobblehead.

Michael can now stand on your desk nodding at what you are doing all day long. The statute of Michael Scott is about 7″ tall and that makes it great for decoration and collecting.

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